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Error Fixes
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 01-30-14 03:49:50
A couple of new errors have popped up because of the server move.

Recent fixes:
+ Changes to HA Buddys are now being saved.
+ Battle moves work properly now.
+ Triple Scoop now has an hourly limit of 500 plays
and the game cannot be played by refreshing, the button must be clicked.

Goatlings turns 2!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 01-29-14 06:51:10

On January 1st Goatlings.com turned 2 years old! To celebrate, many new goat themes items are being released as well as some limited edition goodies! To kick things off these fun bean plushies can now be found at the Toy Shop!

We are back!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 01-29-14 05:29:32
We are now on the new server and have much more power to accommodate all our friends! Thank you for being so supportive and patient while we got things moved and ENJOY Goatlings with no more downtime!

There might be some broken image links and MAYBE some new errors! If you see any probs please report them to my Goatmail.

Recent Fixes
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 01-27-14 06:14:12
Recent Fixes:

+ Fixed new HA Buddy item upload Error (we can upload new HA Bud items again!)
+ Added Battle End message to the top of the page so its more visible and easier to end battles
+ Trade Search Implemented
+ Added Owners name to clubhouses
+ A club owner can no longer have their rank changed
+ A club owner can no longer leave their club unless they delete it
+ A club admin rank cannot be deleted if it's the only one remaining
+ Clubs with 0 members have been deleted and can now be remade

We are MOVING!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 01-27-14 05:13:17
Greetings friends! We are going to move the site to a larger and faster host.

We have registered at the new host and will move all our files over tomorrow so there will be a little downtime for that! This is good news because Goatlings is way more popular than anticipated!

Thank you everyone for giving so much love we needed to expand our hearts!!!

Zodiac Goatlings Event - January!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 01-25-14 06:07:10

Okay guys! Here is our first major Goatling design challenge event! A collaborative project to design the whole Zodiac series - Goatlings style!!!

- New Zodiac event each month for the rest of the year
- about 3 weeks for designing/submitting, 1 Day for judging, 1 week for voting
- okay to submit multiple designs
- 3 winners per month
- 9 designs per month will be chosen to vote for
- Vote for up to 3 entries per month

+ First Place - AD of their design, 1,000,000 Sugar Stars, and 800 Diamond Dust
All First Place designs will be released to the AD Shop
+ Runner Up - 500,000 Sugar Stars and 400 Diamond Dust
+ Honorable Mention - 300,000 Sugar Stars and 200 Diamond Dust

Official submission and voting threads will be provided. January and Febuarys event will overlap since we got off to a late start.

January - Aquarius, The Water Bearer
[Submitting: Jan 25 -Feb 14 Voting: Feb 17-23] Submission Thread Open - Voting Thread Closed

February - Pisces, The Fishes
[Submitting Feb 1-20 - Voting Feb 22-28] Submission Thread Open - Voting Thread Closed

March - Aries, The Ram
[Submitting March 1-23 - Voting March 25-31] Submission Thread Closed - Voting Thread Closed

April - Taurus, The Bull
[Submitting April 1-22 - Voting April 24-30] Submission Thread Closed - Voting Thread Closed

May - Gemini, The Twins
[Submitting May 1-23 - Voting May 25-31] Submission Thread Closed - Voting Thread Closed

June - Cancer, The Crab
[Submiting June 1-23 - Voting June 24-30] Submission Thread Closed - Voting Thread Closed

July - Leo, The Lion
[Submitting July 1-34 - Voting July 25-31] Submission Thread Closed - Voting Thread Closed

August - Virgo, The Maiden
[Submitting Aug 1-23 - Voting Aug 25-31] Submission Thread Closed - Voting Thread Closed

September - Libra, The Scales
[Submitting Sep 1-22 - Voting Sep 24-30] Submission Thread Closed - Voting Thread Closed

October - Scorpio, The Scorpion
[Submitting Oct 1-23 - Voting Oct 25-31] Submission Thread Closed - Voting Thread Closed

November - Sagittarius, The Archer
[Submitting Nov 1-22 - Voting Nov 24-30] Submission Thread Closed - Voting Thread Closed

December - Capricorn, The Sea-Goat
[Submitting Dec 1-23 - Voting Dec 25-31] Submission Thread Closed - Voting Thread Closed

Craft 8bit Goat Appearance Doll!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 01-24-14 07:39:16

Due to popular demand the 8bit Goat is now available to craft by turning in a Star Collar AD, Game Kid, and a Hero Sword!

To craft, just go to the Shopping District (click 'Shop' in the left menu) then scroll down to the Members Alley and click Crating! If you forget what items are needed to make something check out the recipe books!


This special Goatling is a member design by @Jenny ! Make sure to give them a little extra love today!

New Enchanted Forest Goatlings!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 01-23-14 08:12:20

Two magically gorgeous Goatlings have been discovered in the Enchanted Forest Explore Areas! Unigoat has been prancing around Enchanted Forest Map 4 and Pointeling has been spotted dancing near the Enchanted Forest Map 5 area. Do you dare challenge these beauties?


These special Goatlings are member created designs! Unigoat was designed by @sourgoat and Pointeling was designed by @myouna! And special thanks to sourgoat who touched up the artwork and created the Appearance Dolls! Make sure to give them both a little extra love today as thanks!


Note: The value of Explore Area Appearance Dolls have been updated accordingly. They were a little out of balance.

Phantom Forest Returning!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 01-23-14 04:41:58
Greetings friends!

Just wanted to make a quick announcement that the Phantom Forest IS returning soon so that means the Gnoff Baddy, Bogg Baddy, and Vampling Goatling are returning as well. They never retired. Really sorry for any confusions about them!

Explore Areas and their inhabitants don't retire. More baddys and Goatlings will actually be added to the current Explore Areas over time! We have around 11 different Explore Areas planed for the future! We actually have a world map too that shows the locations of the Explore Areas in the Goatlings world I just haven’t found a good place to put it on the site yet! I think on the Explore page will be good! Perhaps Ill do that today! ^^

Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 01-23-14 02:12:02
Greetings friends!

We apologize for the unexpected downtime! The cause behind it is still a little bit of a mystery. We think it was just a small error from our host but we are taking no chances! We have reenforced security to the database and as a result Diamond Dust cannot be purchased rite now. We will get that updated soon though.

If you see any strange new errors, or bugs, or broken pages, or anything out of the ordinary, please let me know asap!

Thank you for being great fans and welcome back!!!

EDIT: Diamond Dust can be purchased again!

And I heard back from my Host! Turns out the site was SO busy yesterday it overloaded the server a little which affected a few of their other clients so they had to close Goatlings temporarily! Oops! So this means if the site continues to become more and more popular we will need to upgrade our host service witch will cost a little more but thats fine because more people will be able to enjoy the site!

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