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Sweetheart's Celebration Event Info

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The Sweetheart's Celebration is a celebration of sweet hearts! This is a month-long festival for creativity, kindness, love, and friendship! Main events are based on the forums due to member interaction. However additional events are open for all!

Members fill out, and post a short form so other members can get to know them better. Form questions typically ask what the members favorite Goatling is, if they collect specific items on the site, what their favorite hobby is, and what they're looking forward to. Members who post a form are known as Sweethearts!

The goal of this event is to shower Sweethearts with kindness! Members will choose one, or many Sweethearts to treat! Sweethearts will randomly receive Candygrams (artwork), Words Of Kindness (writing), Love, and Wish List items from other members! Everyone works together to make sure as many Sweethearts as possible receive a nice gift!

This event will typically also have: