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2021 Monster Masquerade - Special Event

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Welcome to the 6th annual Monster Masquerade event!

Event period: Oct 1st-31st 2021

The Haunted Portrait Goatling is on a mission to settle a dispute between two friends. Both Pumpkin Pirate and Sweet Bat think they can throw the best Monster Masquerade party.

Pumpkin Pirate believes that the best Monster Masquerade party should be an epic adventure by sea! A thrilling adventure with everyone singing sea shanties!

While Sweet Bat believes that the best party should be a cozy sleepover! Where everyone can watch spooky movies with good friends and eat sweet candies!

To settle things once and for all, they are holding a friendly team driven competition. Team members will endure terrifying trials of artistic ability, battle strategy, daring generosity, and a little luck! There is something for everyone; Main Events for Team members, and Bonus Events for all members. Members must be officially registered on a Team in order to participate in Main Events.

Whose Monster Masquerade party will you attend?

+ Event Preparation
Sep 11th-18th: Mascot Vote (Closed)
Sep 19th-30th: Team Registration (Closed)

+ Main Event List (For Team Points!) Oct 1st-28th
Haunted Forest - OPEN
Ghoulish Graphics - OPEN
Haunting Artworks - OPEN
Pumpkin Patch Prose - OPEN
Autumn Photography - OPEN
Nightmare Squad - OPEN
Giving Treats Wars - OPEN

+ Bonus Events (Fun for all!) Oct 1st-31st
Mascots Giving Tree - OPEN
Monster Box Raffle - OPEN
Give Love to Mascots - This event will close on the 28th - OPEN
Treat Collecting (Forum Game) - OPEN
Battle Crafts - OPEN
Seasonal Event Explore Area - OPEN

+ Oct 29th-30th: Point Tallying and remaining event prizes distributed
+ Oct 31st: Winning Team Announced!
+ Oct 31st - Nov 7th: End-of-event prizes distributed (Grand Prize fusion, Monster Box bonus, and Princess Gift)

+ Members will receive Points, Cursed Coins, and Mascot themed Lucky Boxes for participating in Main Events.

+ The Team with the most points at the end of the event will win an exclusive grand prize - a special fusion of both mascots!

+ In order to receive the grand prize if their Team wins, individual team members must participate in at least 4 out of the 7 main events, as well as provide a link to their entries/approved posts. These events include; Haunted Forest, Ghoulish Graphics, Haunting Artworks, Pumpkin Patch Prose, Autumn Photography, Nightmare Squad, and Giving Treats Wars.

+ Cursed Coins are a special currency that can be spent in Haunted Portrait's Baleful Bootique! Baleful Bootique items are Seasonal, and more will be added each year. Additional prizes will be added to the Baleful Bootique during the first week of October 2021.

+ When opened, Mascot Boxes will drop one of several Mascot themed items. Such as Appearance Dolls, HA Bud clothing, or unique collectibles! Additional Mascot Boxes will be available in the Diamond Dust shop and SNBW during October only. Mascot Boxes retire at the end of October.

+ A bonus prize (Three 2021 Monster Boxes) will be awarded to members (from any Team) who participate in all 7 main events. These members will also need to provide a link to their entries/approved posts. When opened, the 2021 Monster Box will drop one of ten spooky themed Goatlings. 2021 Monster Boxes retire at the end of November.

CLICK HERE to claim your three 2021 Monster Boxes once you have completed all 7 main events!

+ We will have 7 main events for Team members to participate in for Points, Cursed Coins, and Mascot Boxes. Team members are required to take part in at least 4 main events in order to receive the final grand prize if their Team wins.

+ Members cannot switch Teams once the event starts on Oct 1st.

+ Members are not allowed to use multiple accounts or other means of cheating to gain extra points or prizes. Any cheating will result in the loss of all points the member made for their team and a possible ban from the site.

Team Pumpkin Pirate Mascot Box Loot

Pumpkin Pirate Goatling and loot are official staff designs
by Lostysaur (Give Love)

Team Sweet Bat Mascot Box Loot

Sweet Bat Goatling and loot are original member designs
by Vampira (Give Love)

Members will receive Points, Cursed Coins, and Mascot Boxes for participating in Main Events. Certain conditions may apply depending on the event. Additional Mascot Boxes will be available in the Diamond Dust shop, SNBW, and Giving Tree during October only.

For Team members and Team Points!

Main Event [OPEN]
Search the Haunted Forest and find the small friendly frogs! Will you find them all or be lost forever?
[Click here to enter the Haunted Forest and get started!]

Main Event [OPEN]
Design something that will flash before our eyes.
[Team Pumpkin Pirate enter here!] | [Team Sweet Bat enter here!]

Main Event [OPEN]
These masterpieces will take your breath away!
[Team Pumpkin Pirate enter here!] | [Team Sweet Bat enter here!]

Main Event [OPEN]
Be captivated by these terrifying tales!
[Team Pumpkin Pirate enter here!] | [Team Sweet Bat enter here!]

Main Event [OPEN]
Capture the spirits of the season before they capture you!
[Team Pumpkin Pirate enter here!] | [Team Sweet Bat enter here!]

Main Event [OPEN]
Become your worst nightmare! Using items in your closet, put together a set of 5 spooky HA Buddies!
[Team Pumpkin Pirate enter here!] | [Team Sweet Bat enter here!]

Main Event [OPEN]
Give a treat, get a treat! Fulfill the wishes of others!
[Team Pumpkin Pirate enter here!] | [Team Sweet Bat enter here!]

Fun for all!

Bonus Event [OPEN]
Items sent to Team Mascots via Giving Treats Wars or randomly, will be sent to the Giving Tree for lucky members to nab!
Official Monster Masquerade Event items have a chance of appearing as well so keep an eye out!
[Visit Pumpkin Pirate Here!] | [Visit Sweet Bat Here!]
[Click here to visit the Giving Tree]

Bonus Event [OPEN]
50 Monster Boxes will be raffled off every week of October. Additional Monster Boxes will be available in the Diamond Dust shop during Oct and Nov, as well as in SNBW during Oct, and a chance to nab some from the Giving Tree during the event.
[Click here to enter!]

Bonus Event [OPEN]
This is a month long event ANYONE can participate in! Simply give love to the mascot of your choice! Teams will earn 100 points for every 1,000 Love that is given to their Mascot! (With a cap of 1,000 points)

Give Love to Sweet Bat! | Give Love to Pumpkin Pirate!

Bonus Event [Forum Game - OPEN]
Collect ALL the Treats! Treat Collecting is an enjoyable tradition for residents of the Goatlings Kingdom. Legend says that in order to distract and calm the mischievous intentions of Baddies, small pieces of food, candy, and even small gifts are gathered and left out in groups! Over time, Masqueraders began collecting these goodies for themselves as well. These small offerings are called Treats!
[Click here for more info and to get started!]

Bonus Event [OPEN]
An unexplained apparition has appeared at the Battle Center for a special Monster Masquerade visit! It seems to be Haunted Portrait, but how can she be in two places at the same time unless... one is a... g-g-g-ghost!? It appears the loot found while battling Haunted Portrait are quite unique! Take these to Zurora to exchange them for limited edition Mascot Plushies! Check the Crafting Master section of the Recipe Book for the formula!

Bonus Event [OPEN]
A special event Explore Area has popped up in honor of Monster Masquerade! The Eerie Estate is part petrified pumpkin patch, part haunted house! This Area, Baddies, and loot, will only appear in Oct during Monster Masquerade so make sure to visit it before the end of the month! To find it, click Explore in the left navigation menu. Then scroll to the bottom of the page!