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Saturday Night Bidding Wars! Plus Sweetheart's Celebration Goodies!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 2023-02-18 08:14:38

Saturday Night Bidding Wars has begun! These Auctions will be held a once a week and feature exclusive items that are only available on auction night! The auctions start on Saturday and go on for 24 hours.

Items that will be Auctioned each week:

+ 2 exclusive Appearance Dolls (Rockabilly and Velvet Rose)
+ Exclusive Gavel Display Name Icon
+ Exclusive Auction Badge
+ One rare baddy stamp. Stamps in rotation are;
Bongo The Furmidable Stamp, Tulip Tender Stamp, Moonlit Rogue Stamp, Lucky Stamp, Tiangou Stamp, Fire Rooster Stamp, Thoth Stamp, Masked Rival Stamp, Ethos Stamp, Luck Dragon Stamp, Queen Snake Stamp, and Apostrophe Stamp.




Rules and Guidelines
- Members may bid on multiple items and as many times as they like.
- Members may win multiple times in a row.
- Members may also snipe bids (bid as the auction is about to end).
- Members may do whatever they want with the items after they have won them. Such as sell, give away, hoard, or even pawn.
- Auctioned items will not retire.
- We understand that auctions may become intense, but please do not be frustrated or discouraged. There's always next week!
- Members who pester or disrespect others who have placed bids and/or won an auction will be permanently banned from Goat Mail and Forums.
This IS a friendly bidding war so stay tough, calm, and have fun!

Thank you!

Sweetheart's Celebration - Raffle 1 & 2 of 4!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 2023-02-17 01:39:08

Welcome to the annual Sweetheart's Celebration - a celebration of sweet hearts! This is a month-long festival for creativity, kindness, love, friendship, and prizes! Main events are based on the forums due to member interaction. However additional events are open for all!


Enter the raffle to win event items! Members only need to enter once for a chance to win prizes all month. And just for entering, members will automatically receive their very own Sweetheart plush!

Note: The Sweetheart plush will not retire at the end of the event, however it will only be available by entering the raffle during this event!


Raffle 1 and 2 winners are:

School Sweetheart Box
01: @marmi
02: @Thickets
03: @CabbageQueen
04: @Shiny_Aya
05: @hakutaku
06: @Gallusiris
07: @pandoramouse
08: @Arrelie
09: @Sinni
10: @isdewdrops
11: @timeblitz
12: @Aeterna
13: @krahesama
14: @stvrshine
15: @Marasaki
16: @Bouquet
17: @submas
18: @Blaze
19: @Rin__
20: @Etoille
21: @LPS_Monsterpawz
22: @inkthe0ry
23: @anthy
24: @rosary
25: @Ghoul_frappe666
26: @Fether
27: @Gimmick
28: @biscuits
29: @Tsunami102
30: @TheEnforcer
31: @AnnoyedClaude
32: @luvedragon
33: @NyaAlchemi
34: @aldrifor
35: @catboy
36: @Maymary
37: @FUGO
38: @Sisu
39: @foxbark
40: @Chrysalid

School Sweetheart Plush
01: @VexedHexed
02: @Fielkun
03: @mooncore
04: @MingDarling
05: @otakon
06: @mischiefMaker
07: @NPC
08: @Cuchufli
09: @Silvisuni
10: @Gummi_Bunnies
11: @Prizes
12: @makoyuuki
13: @PandaCreg
14: @frog
15: @EaterofMan
16: @BuzzularBee
17: @Glovecat
18: @NekoRiot
19: @LordOfGeoZhongli
20: @thebabydollesheart
21: @dinotacos
22: @MePhone4
23: @halfpint
24: @acreativeusername
25: @FlameDramonDaPyro
26: @Flower3208
27: @ink_dough
28: @dunsparce
29: @Chow
30: @Kiko
31: @sage7
32: @Brindlemoon
33: @PastelSky
34: @CheeseBurger
35: @Redamacy
36: @hireathian
37: @Flapjacks
38: @PrettySkitty
39: @Bloobird
40: @ladysrose

Sweetheart Box
01: @Rire
02: @_Ashen_
03: @Voidnerd
04: @nightshadeflower
05: @JohnDoe
06: @Bulma
07: @aroogula
08: @Phanta
09: @ramunayy
10: @BeautyBurnsGold
11: @hypnagog
12: @spookie
13: @DuskDreamer
14: @ii_Far
15: @Noella87
16: @CephalopodCacotopia
17: @MountainofCookies
18: @ikemen
19: @Phantost
20: @Tattered_Hatter
21: @Amby
22: @Poufkin
23: @berrygumdrop
24: @Mutie
25: @Naegami
26: @Lucanus
27: @makoyuuki
28: @andrewkress
29: @MelichuXD
30: @sugarprincess
31: @PenguinQueen23
32: @webkinz
33: @ryoji
34: @Olivewithwings
35: @hireathian
36: @infernalCherub
37: @Ghoul_frappe666
38: @beetle_babble
39: @SarahWere
40: @Omen

CLICK HERE to visit the main event page!

2023 Tip-A-Mod Fundraiser Closing Soon!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 2023-02-16 06:24:04

Greetings Fanlings!

The 2023 Tip-A-Mod Fundraiser (AKA TAM) will be coming to a close on February 18th.

We would like to thank everyone for their overwhelming generosity! During the first week, TAM was funded over 400%, and is currently over 700% funded! Your support has made a phenomenally positive impact, and we are extremely grateful!

At the end of the fundraising period, 100% of tips will be divided evenly, and gifted to all participating Goatling Staff. Members who have received a Design Pass through TAM will be contacted by Krisgoat between the 19th and 20th.

For more information about the Fundraiser and Design passes, please visit the main page in Community Center Fundraisers!

Thank you!

March Battle Center & Spring Goat Token Game Submissions are OPEN
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 2023-02-16 04:16:16

Greetings Battlings!

Members can now enter their March/Spring/Trileaf Clover & Minions/Spring Goat Token Game themed designs for next months limited edition Battle Center Loot!

CLICK HERE to enter and vote for your favs!

1 Goatling design and 3-5 items will be chosen to add to next months Baddy Loot. Like typical Battle Center loot, these will only be available for one month, then retire forever!

Thank you everyone and happy battling!

February Sugar Star Raffle Winner!
Posted by Goat Princess
on 2023-02-15 12:00:07
The weekly Sugar Star Raffle has been drawn! Congratulations to TheRubyGirl who has won 956500 Sugar Stars!

February Treasure Trivia!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 2023-02-13 08:00:22
"Oh hey! Did you see that new item being stocked in the shops? I want 20! I just love collecting new items for my treasure. I keep an inventory of my collection in this book so I can make sure I don't miss one. Although, I spilled my drink on this page and now the image is smudged. Of course, I can still tell what it is. If you can, I'll give you one of my duplicate items!"

Click here to play Treasure Trivia now!

Win a Strawbunny BP and 3,000 Sugar Stars! This item is now permanently located at the Variety VIP Shop!
Strawbunny BP is an official staff design by @r00p (sent love)!

Note: New Treasure Trivia games start at the beginning of each month. Treasure Trivia prizes do NOT retire. The prize is typically a special new Variety VIP Shop item.

Cootie & Minions!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 2023-02-13 12:49:28
The ice is melting and the hearts are warming. The time is ripe for cooties to start festering!

Cootie and Minions have come to the Battle Center and are ready to challenge your Goatlings to a friendly battle. Train your Goatlings and collect limited edition loot!

Renaissance Fair Goatling and loot are original member created designs by @Melody_Rose so make sure to send a little extra love today!

Don't forget to save a couple stamps for your collection! If you're really lucky you may win a few Goat Tokens to use on the seasonal Token Game!

Cootie and Minions will stick around until about March 5th (a little longer than usual due to the late start). After that they will leave us until next year and their limited edition loot will retire. (Excluding stamps and Goat Tokens.)

February Lucky Number Game Winners!
Posted by Goat Princess
on 2023-02-12 12:00:17
The Lucky Number games have been drawn. You can view the winners (if any) below. If no winners were found for a jackpot, the jackpot will roll over to next week.


parmesannoodles won the Lucky Three Numbers game with numbers 9, 7 and 7! Jackpot: 110333 Sugar Stars!

ray_vomit won the Lucky Three Numbers game with numbers 9, 7 and 7! Jackpot: 110333 Sugar Stars!

ink_dough won the Lucky Three Numbers game with numbers 9, 7 and 7! Jackpot: 110333 Sugar Stars!

January Studio Blu Winners!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 2023-02-11 09:49:20

Welcome to Studio Blu!
A monthly prompt event based in the official Goatlings.com Discord server!

How it works!
At the beginning of each month, a Discord moderator will post an inspirational theme. Members wishing to participate can draw or write a short story or poem about a Goatling using the theme as a guide!

At the end of the month, two entries will be randomly selected to be featured on the site News and the members will receive a special in-game trophy!

The Studio Blu prompt for January was: Explore! And the winners are:

@Snart (Give Love!)
Artist's note: Thinking about how long I've spent in Sea of Clouds hunting for those cute RADs...

and @Gillion_Tidestrider (Give Love!)

A surprise guest (Slimeling AD "Charlie", Candy Kid AD "Slik", Explore Area "Eerie Estate 2")

Charlie was walking down the path at night, staying away from lights and crowds. He had too make sure he wasn't seen, after all. He was a Slime, a goat in training, he called himself. He was worried what people would think of him.
He heard a snap of a twig behind him, and turned to face the noise. He pulled out a stick, the only weapon he really used. A Candy corn looking goat appeared before him, with a pumpkin basket in her mouth.

She dropped her basket, mouth agape. Charlie stepped back, this is what he feared.

"Aw, man! Cool costume!" The Goat said, running up to him. "I'm Slik! She/Her" she said, pointing to a pin on her shirt.

Charlie, clearly taken aback, carefully shook hooves with Slik, not introducing himself.

She tilted her head. "Why are you alone? It's pretty scary out here." She looked at the house up on the hill above them, lightning flashing dramatically, then back at Charlie.

"Do you need a buddy?"
Though a bit cautious, he nodded. Slik picked up her basket, and they walked together the rest of the night, Slik telling him stories and adventures she's written and dramatically played out.

Congratulations and thank you everyone for participating!
CLICK HERE for more information about our Official Discord Server and learn how to join!

Goatling Spotlight! Ella!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 2023-02-11 08:33:56

Welcome to Goatling Spotlight! A mini event where we get to show off your favorite Goatlings! Each week a new Goatling will be featured in the News and the owner will receive a shiny Spotlight Trophy to display on their pets page or in their collection. This week is all about Ella!

Name: Ella
Appearance Doll: Pink Cutie
Guardian: @Ivy Give Love!
Bio: A lolita clown who enjoys performing for all to see!

Favorite Treasure
Snuggle Bunny | Black Tea Teaset | Moon Lantern

Alpaca Plush | Pointeling Elephant BP | Sweet Dreams Potion

Art by @Yumekitti

CLICK HERE for more details, past spotlights, and to enter your Goatlings!

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