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Goatlings.com Staff

Goatlings.com is run by a small yet dedicated and hardworking staff. If you need to report something, or ask questions, please send us a Support Ticket, or contact one of our public moderators, and we will help you out ASAP!

Note: Currently, we are not hiring or accepting applications for staff. When positions are open, we will make a public announcement in the News or contact individuals privately. Thank you!

The founder/owner of Goatlings.com. Content updater, head artist, and moderator.
If you need to contact Krisgoat outside of the game please email her at krisgoat@krisgoat.com

Head Programmer
Anonymous head programmer.

Placeholder name for Support Ticket moderators. Also used to contact members every now and then.

kibby, lilypadmeulin, PrettySkitty,and sharkies
Public forum moderators.
Members who do not want/need to send in a Support Ticket can ping or Goatmail these mods for help.

kibby, Krisgoat, Likefiftychai, lilypadmeulin, PrettySkitty,
r00p, and sharkies
Live Chat moderators.

Facebook page update mod.

Item and Goatling artist.

Cervine and bearsister
Display Name Icon artists.

Goat Princess
News Announcer NPC.

NightmareEater and SweetDemon
Monster Masquerade NPCs.