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Shopping District

Welcome to the Shopping District. Here you can find everything to take care of your Goatlings from basic food to rare treasures as well as many Member resources. If you don't see what you're looking for, check back a little later as we restock the shops every 10 minutes.

Goatling Square

Appearance Dolls


Toy Shop

Party Supplies

Gift Shop

Fruit Stand

General Foods

Coffee Shop


Ice Cream Parlor

Seasonal Antique Shop

VIP Lounge

Variety VIP

Princely Premiums VIP

Battle Plaza

Battle Weapons

Battle Pets

Battle Defense

Remedies And Elixirs

HA Buddy Mall

HA Buddy Hair Salon

HA Buddy Face Space

HA Buddy Hats

HA Buddy Boutique

HA Buddy Base Place

HA Buddy Accessories

HA Buddy Backgrounds

Event & Special Shops

Jestling Event
Trickster's Tavern

Summer Night Carnival
Ticket Vendor Prize Booth

Summer Night Carnival
Tuff Stuff Fan Booth

Monster Masquerade
Baleful Bootique

Daily Errands
Erin's Exchange

Goat Princess
Treasure Shop

Members Market

Display Name Icons

Giving Tree

Pawn Shop


Sugar Bank


Barter Bazaar

Goatling Exchange

Top Shops

Top Galleries