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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the answers to the questions that are asked the most.

What is the age limit to play?
There is no age limit to play. However, you need to be over 13 to participate in the forums, Goatmail, and Clubs. If you are under 13 you can still submit Support Tickets to contact Goatlings Staff if you need help with something or need to report something. If you are over 13 but are still getting blocked from the forums, Goatmail, and Clubs, you can send in a Support Ticket and we will fix you up.

Can I make more then one account?
No. Please stick to one account per person. Multiple accounts create an unfair advantage over other members.

How many pets can I adopt?
You may adopt up to 15 pets. If your account is upgraded to Crown Account you may adopt up to 25 pets.

How can I adopt even more pets?
Adoption Tickets from the Cash Shop allow you to adopt one extra pet per ticket.

How can I change my pet's look?
Use Appearance Dolls - also known as an AD - to change their look. The doll's appearance will transfer to your pet when used. After use, the magic is depleted and so the doll disappears. If you use another doll on the same Goatling it will replace the previous appearance. Click Here to see a full list of Appearance Dolls and how they will change your Goatling.

When I try to use a pet name that isn't taken, I get a error that says the name is unavailable?
In the past we had a feature to set Goatlings free. However, the names of freed Goatlings are still seen as taken by the database but can be freed up by an Admin upon request. To request a name from a Goatling like this, just send in a Support Ticket.

I want a name that's been taken. Can it be freed up?
A Goatling name or Username can be freed up only if the account has been banned or self-banned. Names cannot be taken from other accounts - even if an account seems to be inactive. To request a name from a banned account just send in a Support Ticket.

I want to change my username. How can I do that?
There is an item in the Diamond Dust shop called Name Tag that members can use to change their username. If you just need your username capitalized or changed to lowercase, send in a Support Ticket and we will fix it for free.

What is a retired Appearance Doll?
Some Appearance Dolls (and other items) are only available for a limited time and then retire. After they retire they will never be available again. Retired items can still be purchased from other members.

What is pet treasure?
Pet Treasure is a way for your Goatlings to have their own item gallery! To add something to your pet's treasure, click an item from your inventory, choose Add To Pet's Treasure, then choose the Goatling the item goes to. Each Goatling can hold up to 24 items. The treasure will show up on your Goatlings profile page. To view a Goatling's profile page just click on their name from the your profile. The owner of the Goatling can remove treasure from their Goatling's profile page as well. Is your Goatling a food lover, toy collector, battle champion, or randoms hoarder? Have fun discovering your pets favorite items!

What Are Sugar Stars?
Sugar Stars are created within the rainbows of the Goatling's world. They are used for bartering services and goods. They are also a tasty treat and contain a magical property that enhances the potency of good fairy magic.

How can I get Sugar Stars?
There are many ways to earn Sugar Stars. Play games, fight baddys, random events, selling items in your shop, trading, auctioning items, design for the Creative Park, and participating in contests and events.

What is Diamond Dust?
A piece of Diamond Dust is a Sugar Star that have spend a great deal of time within the rainbows of the Goatling's world. It contains powerful magic. Diamond Dust is used for bartering rare services and goods from the Cash Shop.

How can I get Diamond Dust?
Members can buy Diamond Dust in the Diamond Dust shop, earn Diamond Dust through Daily Errands, or by entering designs for our Fundraisers and Diamond Dust Shop stock.

What are Goat Tokens?
Goat Tokens are special coins members can use to play the Token Game. The Token Game is a seasonal event with 4 versions per year (one per season). The items that come with each version will not retire but will be available again during next years season. For example, Fall token items will be available again next Fall. However, NEW items will be added each year! Goat Tokens can be used on every version.

How can I get Goat Tokens?
They are available in the Diamond Dust shop, from Battle Center Baddys, Random Events, Daily Gachapon (Arcade game), and Gone Fishin (Arcade game). Sometimes they are also given to members as prizes during events and contests.

Can I sell Goatlings fanart for Sugar Stars to other members?
Yes you can, we have a very big art community on the forums too! Please only sell your original work. Don't trace or steal from other artists.

Can I sell Goatlings fanart for money to other members?
Yes you can, as long as it is for the art file and not a physical object. Again, please only sell your original work. Don't trace or steal from other artists.

Can I sell written work for Sugar Stars or money to other members?
Yes you can, as long as it is your own work and for their personal use. For example, a bio or a story for a Goatling's profile.

Can I sell anything else relating to Goatlings.com for money?
Please do not. This includes but is not limited to; in-game items, Goatlings, Goatling names, account names, accounts, and physical merchandise of any kind.

Can I trade in-game Goatlings stuff for another petsites in-game stuff?
Yes you can, as long as it is okay with the other website!

What is a Crown Account?
A Crown Account is a special item that gives your account fun and permanent upgrades. Upgrades include 10 extra pet slots (from 15 to 25), customize your username color, forum posting limits lifted, 3 day forum lockout for new members lifted, access the VIP Shop, and get a pretty crown icon decoration on your profile. A Crown Account can be purchased in the Cash Shop or from other members for Sugar Stars.

I saw an account that hasn't logged in since 1969/1970?
In 2013 we reprogrammed the whole site from top to bottom! There were a few side effects from importing old member data back onto the site. Their HA Buddies were reset and the clothing was moved to their inventory, Appearance Dolls were removed and placed in their inventory too, and their login date was reset. This is also why older items say they were uploaded in 1969 or 1970 - their original upload date was reset too. The members of these accounts just need to create a new password and login to get their accounts back.

I was a member before the revamp in 2013 and now my name is all lowercase. Can I capitalize it?
In this case yes, just send in a Support Ticket and we will capitalize it for free.

I came across a page that says it’s Not Secure?
In 2020 we switched over to https for additional protection, privacy, and authentication. If you visit a page that states "Not Secure", it means a link on that page may be outdated. In order to fix the warning message, the outdated link in question will need to include "https" and "www."

http://goatlings.com/images/news/line.gif = Outdated
https://www.goatlings.com/images/news/line.gif = More Secure