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Greetings Fanlings!

We now have an Official Goatlings.com Discord where members can chat safely, get first access to sneak peeks, and more!

Our current Server Mod team includes:
BeautyBurnsGold, BerryMilk, chizumaki, Dittles, Herd, Lizardxlizard, Puff, salinas, Shrine, and Snow.

After filling out and posting your intro, please keep an eye on your Goat Mail on site.
A Discord moderator will contact you for account confirmation before giving you access to the full server.
This is to ensure everyone who joins the server is who they say they are.

By joining The Official Goatlings Discord Server, you are agreeing to adhere to the rules listed in the channel. Continuous breaking of these rules will result in a ban from the server, and in some cases, from Goatlings.com as well. Please take the time to read these rules carefully so we can all be on the same page. Failure to read these rules will never be a valid excuse to break them and claiming to be unaware of a rule will not give you extra chances. A Rules channel is available to recheck the rules if you are unsure, and if you need clarification for a rule, please ping a Discord Moderator to ask for help! Thank you!

► Everyone who joins the server must have an account on Goatlings.com. This account must be at least 3 days old, or have an activated Crown Account.
► All players in the server must be 13 years old or older in compliance with COPPA law. Players who do not meet this age requirement will be removed.
► Do not share the direct server link to players who do not meet the above requirements.
► Your server name will be set to your on site username. If your username changes on site, you must ping a Discord Mod to have your server name updated.
► Your Discord icon must be appropriate and may not include blood, gore, nudity, or curse words. You may be asked to change your icon before being allowed access to the server.

All conversation must be kept to a General/All Ages rating to match the TOS of the Goatlings.com website. Please be considerate of your servermates; Discussing heavy, sensitive, overly personal, controversial, and political topics is not allowed. If a topic can potentially trigger someone or make them uncomfortable, do not bring it up. Here are a few examples of topics that are not allowed in the Official Goatlings Discord Server.

► Cursing or using censors or alternate spelling to get around the word filter. This includes abbreviations with curse words in them.
► Slurs, hate speech, racism, discrimination, or prejudice
► Extreme violence, excessive blood, people actively bleeding, open wounds, or gore (including exposed bones, inner flesh, or organs)
► Graphic depictions of death including corpses, real life photos of bones, animal death, or implied suffering
► Imagery of guns or other violent weapons. (Fantasy and sci-fi weapons are generally okay and will be reviewed on a case by case basis)
► Nudity, sex, or sexual themes
► Ableism or discussion of mental health or physical disability in a negative or stigmatized way.
► Venting or sharing overly personal or upsetting stories or details about one's life
► Discourse relating to gender, sexuality, or pronouns.
► Rude or passive aggressive comments. If it serves no other purpose but to make someone feel bad, do not say it.
► Negative comments or unwanted critiques of another's artwork. You can compliment designs you enjoy or lament not making it into a contest without insulting the work of others.
► Anything you wouldn't say on Goatlings.com. The server runs by the same basic rules as Goatlings. If you wouldn't say it on site, do not say it here.

(Note: Positive messages such as "Black Lives Matter" or "Trans Rights!" are of course always allowed. This is not considered discourse or politics. Only messages negative or discriminatory in regards to these topics will be removed)
All art, imagery, gifs, stickers, and emojis posted in the server must also follow the above guidelines.
► In regards to nudity specifically, "Barbie Doll nudity" (a form of nudity lacking anatomical details such as nipples) used for the purpose of showing details in character design such as scars or fur patterns will be permitted.
► Skeleton, Zombie, or other undead characters are allowed as long as they are not bloody, gorey, or feature extreme bodyhorror.
► Art shared in the server must be your own or must credit the original artist. This includes Picrews.
► AI art is not permitted in the server and will be removed.
► Using AI art, plagiarizing, or tracing the work of another artist for any official contests or art events such as Studio Blu or Haunting Artworks will disqualify the player from all future contests.
► Using AI art, plagiarizing, or tracing the work of another artist for commissions or to advertise commissions is strictly against the rules and may result in a ban from the server, a mute on Goatlings.com, and/or a ban from Goatlings.com based on severity.

If you are unsure if an image you want to post would be appropriate, please DM a Discord mod for help!

Bullying and harassment towards other players or staff is strictly against the rules. This includes in the server, on site, and off site. If you feel you are being bullied or harassed by another player, please contact a moderator or send in a Support Ticket on site.
► Do not argue with other players in the public server. If you are having a disagreement with someone, disengage and tell a moderator.
► Don't shame or call out others for any reason. This includes posting screenshots of trades or Goat Mail that show usernames, asking why someone blocked you, or talking about another player in a negative way.
► Do not discuss drama regarding Goatlings players taking place on or off site. If someone has done something wrong, do not gossip in the server. Please contact a moderator or send in a Support Ticket on site. Staff can not help with issues if we are not told about them.
► Please do not argue with staff in the public server. Our Discord Moderators are here to help, and they are doing their jobs as instructed. Refusal to listen to staff will result in a timeout/mute.
► Please remember that Discord Moderators do not have control or input on decisions made on Goatlings.com, so please do not argue with them if you do not approve of new changes or features on site.
► Players who argue, cause discourse, or perpetuate drama in the server will receive a timeout/mute if they refuse to de-escalate. Repeated behavior will result in a ban from the server.

Please ping or DM Discord Mods regarding all matters concerning Discord.
► Goat Staff are in the server casually for leisure. It is not a part of the Goat Staff's work load to moderate the discord, so please direct ALL matters concerning the Official Discord Server to our Discord Moderators.

If you are experiencing an issue on site, please send in a Support Ticket to get assistance.
► Discord Mods do not have any permissions or power over anything that happens on site and can not help with on site issues. Please send in a Support Ticket so your issue is seen by those who can help.
► If your issue is an emergency or time sensitive, you may ping the Goat Staff role in the server to ask us to look at your Support Ticket immediately. Otherwise, do not treat the discord as an extra speedy support ticket.

Please do not DM Mods or Staff for unsolicited conversation unless that particular staff member has stated otherwise. We of course love talking to everyone, but remember that online staff are actively working. Please get permission first if you are unsure.

And as always, please be kind, welcoming, and supportive towards your fellow members.
What happens if you break the rules?
The Official Goatlings Discord server will be working on a 3 strike system.

► Strike 1 - Rulebreaker will receive an official warning from Discord staff in a Direct Message. This will tell you what rule you have broken and remind you to please read through the rules page again. If you receive an official warning, please take this opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the rules to ensure you understand what is expected of all players in the Official Goatlings Discord Server.

► Strike 2 - Rulebreaker will receive a 24hr Timeout. This means you will not be able to speak in the discord server for 24 hours. You will receive a second warning explaining what rule was broken and another reminder to read the rules page.

► Strike 3 - Rulebreaker will be banned from the Official Goatlings Discord Server. You will receive a message explaining what rule was broken and letting you know you've been banned. Depending on the severity of the issue, you may also receive a mute on Goatlings.com or even a ban.

A ban from the official server would be permanent and is not up for debate or appeals.
All players and staff members are expected to follow these rules with no exceptions.
A player may receive less than 3 strikes depending on the severity of the situation, and in some very extreme cases, may be banned without warning.

Thank you for taking the time to read our rules page thoroughly. By working together, we can keep the Official Goatlings Discord Server a warm and welcoming place for all players to have fun and enjoy themselves!

[CLICK HERE to join the Official Discord!]

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you there!