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Greetings Fanlings!

We now have an Official Goatlings.com Discord where members can chat safely, get first access to sneak peeks, and more!

Main chat categories are:
+ General Chat - for simply chatting, sharing good vibes, pet pics, and music.
+ On Site Chat - for posting HA Buddies, trading/selling, giveaways, polls, and sneak peeks!
+ Art Chat - to share art, talk ocs, advertise commissions, and to participate in Studio Blu.

Our current Server Mod team includes:
BeautyBurnsGold, BerryMilk, Chow, Dittles, Jorja, Herd, Puff, and Shiratama.

Site Staff will also be present from time to time to share sneak peeks and post announcements!

Our on-site Terms of Service also applies to the Official Goatlings Discord. Think of it as an extension of Live Chat. Below is a summarized rundown of the rules, please read and understand them before joining:

By joining this server you are agreeing to adhere to these rules. Failure to do so will result in a ban from the server and in some cases on Goatlings.com as well.

+ Must have an account on Goatlings.com that is at least 3 days old
+ Members must be 13 or older
+ Chat must be kept at a General to PG13 rating
+ Please don't share direct server link with members who have not met these requirements

+ Avoid discussing heavy, sensitive, personal, controversial and political topics
+ Cursing, slurs, hate speech, and use of inappropriate language or imagery will be automatically deleted and can result in temporary muting/warning or ban
+ Using different spelling or other means to get around the word filter will have equal consequences
+ Don't spam (repeated emojis, pictures, or spam text) This includes posting the same advertisements multiple times a day
+ Don't shame or call out others for any reason. This includes posting screenshots that show usernames, asking why someone blocked them, and talking about them in a bad light. If you are experiencing an issue with another member we ask that you send in a on-site Support Ticket to get assistance

+ We like to keep everyone's nickname the same as their on-site name. If your username changes on-site please ping a Server Mod to have your Discord nickname updated
+ Please ping or PM Server Mods regarding all matters concerning Discord
+ If you are experiencing an issue on-site we ask you send in a Support Ticket to get assistance. Goat Staff are in the Server casually, to post sneak peeks, occasionally help answer questions, and for emergencies
+ Please don't PM Mods or Staff for non-emergency, non-private, or unsolicited conversation. We love talking to everyone but don't always have time to put into personal conversations while working

And as always, please be kind, welcoming, and supportive towards your fellow members. Thank you!

When you arrive, please introduce yourself via the #intros channel to gain access to the rest of the server.

[CLICK HERE to join the Official Discord!]

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you there!