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Greetings Fanlings!

We now have an Official Goatlings.com Discord where members can chat safely, get first access to sneak peeks, and more!

Main chat categories are:
+ General Chat for simply chatting, and sharing good vibes, pet pics, and music.
+ On Site Chat for posting HA Buddies, trading/selling, giveaways, polls, and sneak peeks!
+ Art Chat to share art, talk ocs, advertise commissions, and participate in the upcoming Fanart Friday event.

Our current server mod team includes:
AlliCat, BeautyBurnsGold, Dittles, JarateKid, Jorja, machiya, and Pyromancy.

Site staff will also be present from time to time to share sneak peeks and post announcements!

Our on-site Terms of Service apply to the Official Goatlings Discord. Think of it as an extension of Live Chat. Below is a summarized rundown of the rules, please read and understand them before joining:

+ Members must be 13+ of age and a members of Goatlings.com for at least 3 days to participate in the server
+ Chat must be kept PG13
+ No spamming (repeated emojis, pictures, links, or spam text)
+ Avoid discussing heavy, sensitive, or political topics
+ Any use of slurs, hate speech, or graphic imagery will result in an immediate ban
+ Any cursing or use of inappropriate language will be automatically deleted, and in extreme cases, the member will be banned
+ No mini-modding. If you have a question, please get in touch with either a server mod, staff member, or send us a Support Ticket
+ The Official Goatlings Discord is not a live Support Ticket server. If members have any issues on-site, please send in a Support Ticket
+ If a member mentions that your actions are bothering them, please respect their comfort
+ Please try to keep topics relevant to their channel (i.e., do not post HA buddies in the music channel)
+ As always, please remember to be kind, courteous, and respectful to fellow members and mods

When you arrive, please introduce yourself via the #intros channel to gain access to the rest of the server.

[CLICK HERE to join the Official Discord!]

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you there!