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Site Rules

In order to gain access to the Goatlings world all members must agree to, and uphold the following rules. Failure to do so can result in a ban from the site. If anyone witnesses suspicious activity or rule breaking please send in a Support Ticket and Goatlings Staff will look into it.

All images and content are property of Goatlings.com. This includes member created designs that have been submitted and made into official site content. Fanmade content that is posted on this site belongs to the original creator. Basically, we will not use any fanmade content unless it is submitted with the clear intention that it will become an official part of the site.

Anyone impersonating a staff member will be banned immediately - as well as any linked accounts.

Multiple accounts are not allowed. Please do not have/use more than one account per person. Multiple account abuse will result in the ban of all linked accounts.

Please do not share accounts. If a sibling, friend, pet, or anyone else, violates the Terms of Service on your account, that account will be banned. An exception to this is sharing accounts with an alter ego, multiple personality, or system members - as long as they can stay cooperative and follow all other rules.

Be kind, courteous, and respectful to fellow players and staff. Using openly hostile or abusive language anywhere on the site will not be tolerated. Even if it was intended to be "just a joke". This includes, but is not limited to, drug references, swearing, using slurs, using offensive slang, consistently being passive aggressive, trolling, or making fun of someone. Again, always be respectful of others. Even if you do not agree with their viewpoints.

Members who post offensive or suggestive images or content on the forums, profiles, shops, galleries, or clubs, will be automatically banned. This includes offensive or inappropriate usernames and pet names. This is an all-ages website so please be considerate.

Do not abuse glitches, scam, or cheat, in any way to unfairly gain an advantage over other members. That includes creating multiple accounts, using auto-refreshers, or any other programs that play the site for you.

We take pride in being a ad free site. Goatlings.com does not provide ad space for anything. This includes copy/paste sales pitches promoting other pet sites. Talking about other petsites is fine, just not obvious promotions.

Please avoid "hot" or personal subjects. This includes, but is not limited to, political stuff, death, suicide, abuse, religion, and heavy vents. We want everyone to feel comfortable and safe.

Be careful about sharing personal information like email address. Just use your own judgement and common sense.

Goatlings.com is not responsible for member transactions that are not followed through. For example, art trades, commissions, offsite trades, Goatling trades through the Adoption Center, buying/selling Goatling names, and member run contest/giveaway prizes. Members participate in those types of transactions at their own risk. However, if there is sufficient proof that a member is making multiple bad transactions they will be banned.

Please do not contact or harass members who have chosen to keep a "Traveling Goatling". A member who chooses to keep a Goatling that was placed in the Rehome Center has every right to do so. Members bothering them to give it back will be permanently silenced or even banned depending on the severity of the case. The "Traveling Goatling Game" is a member created game and should be played at your own risk because eventually the Goatling may be adopted permanently.

We are typically lenient on account bans so we use a 'three strikes and you're out' deal. If an account receives 3 warnings it will be banned - depending on the severity of the case.

By respecting these terms, Goatlings will remain a fun, trusted, and welcoming community for years to come. Thank you all and have fun!