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Design A Goatling Guide (And Bonus Guides)

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Enter a design

Here on Goatlings.com, one of the main ways members can contribute to the site is with member created designs! Members may enter their Goatling designs, Ha Buddy outfits, items, Display Name Icons, and even Baddies! All skill levels are welcome, and your design may become an official part of the Goatlings world!

Eligible entries will be selected by site staff and/or votes made by other members! If a member created design is chosen, the member will receive:

A special announcement and credit in the News
Credit in the item’s description
And a official in-game copy of their design/s

How to enter

Calls for entries will be posted in the News! Every month, we have an opportunity to enter limited edition designs for our monthly Battle Center! Additional updates will often be open for entries as well such as Appearance Doll Shop updates, Special Events, Goat Token Game, Design-A-Goatling contest, Treasure Trivia, Fundraisers, Wishing Well, and more! If they choose too, members may create a thread in the Member Created Designs forum to organize and share their designs all in one place.

Please note

Designs MUST be the members original work, and not heavily inspired or copied from existing characters, designs, or any other media that is not their own. This includes characters/art/designs/clothes/adoptables/text from all media sources and other artists. Violation of this will be a permanent ban from the site.

Lightly inspired designs will usually be allowed, however this must be openly disclosed so Goatling Staff can double check for similarities.

AI generated art and text is not permitted on site, and will be removed. AI generated art/text is considered theft, and not the members original work. Using AI generated art for official contests, art events, written events, and commissions will disqualify the member from future contests, and may result in a ban, or mute based on severity.

By submitting designs to the site, you are agreeing to let us feature/use the design in the following ways:

Member created designs will be available to other members via Battle Center, Shopping District, Events, or Arcade.
Goatlings.com Staff may feature member created designs in official merchandise such as Gazettes, stickers, buttons, and misc.
Member created designs may be featured in advertisements such as sneak peeks for our official Discord and social media.
Members may sell commissioned drawings of member created designs to other members.

Goatling Templates and Design Guide

+ Photoshop
+ Paint Tool SAI
+ Transparent PNG

+ Please do not drastically alter the Goatling template/pose.
+ Please do not base your Goatling on a copyrighted character or design.
+ Try to keep the Goatling looking like a goat. For example, don't change it into a sheep, deer, etc.
+ Keep designs relatively simple. Details should be recognizable at 200x200 pixels.
+ We'd prefer if members did not add extra limbs/horns as they can be hard to make out after they have been resized.
+ Gore is prohibited - no exposed bones, organs, blood, etc.
+ Unpleasant or disturbing imagery is also prohibited - the Goatling must not appear to be injured or in pain.
+ Goatling's hairstyles are typically short, but that's not a strict requirement.
+ Goatling's are cheerful creatures that are always smiling. Only add a frown if it's necessary/makes sense to the design.

+ Please note: The designs are redrawn by our official art team so it fits in with the site style. Sometimes the design will be slightly altered or simplified in the process but nothing drastic. Examples of changes are: enlarging details so they can be seen easier, simplifying complex details, color balancing, and reverting redrawn templates.

Goatling Template Modification Guide

Members can create a unique Goatling by adding clothes, accessories, hairstyles, and realistic or fantasy fur colors! While we love to allow members as much artistic freedom as possible, we do have a few template modification rules to abide by.

Our number one rule is to avoid is limb/pose edits. This includes shrinking or growing the entire template. The main exceptions are mermaid type tails, wings, and prosthetic legs.

Keep in mind that Goatlings are happy creatures and will typically have a small smile. However edits to the eyes/expression to give a little extra character is perfectly acceptable!

Slight modifications such as different ears, tails, horns, fur variations, are allowed as long as they do not change the Goatling's basic silhouette too much. The Goatling must still resemble a goat even if it features fantasy elements. Avoid adding ears and snouts that are not goat-like.

In the past, we have allowed some template modifications to go through for special events or occasions, and while we absolutely love those designs, we will generally limit modifications to these guidelines as to stay within the main aesthetic and theme of the site!

We look forward to seeing your unique Goatlings! Thank you all for your interest in supporting the site, helping the site grow, and for leaving a positive and lasting impression!

Bonus Guides

HA Buddy Templates and Design Guide

+ Photoshop
+ Paint Tool SAI
+ Transparent PNG
+ Speech Bubble PNG

To avoid layering complications, items can't be 'behind', and 'in front' of the base at the same time, especially on the head and neck area. It has to be one or the other. So be careful with hoods and hats. The design may look fine on a bald HA buddy but it won't work with a hair layer. Example:

Light source for HA buddies comes from directly above.

Display Name Icons Design Guide
20x20 pixels with two frames of animation
Place art closest to the bottom/right corner if it's an option

Item Art Design Guide (Paint Tool SAI)
Start with a 160x160 pixel at 300 dpi canvas
Create new linework layer
Use pen settings: size 2.5, min size 0%, Density 100, hardest edge shape
Draw item lineart on the linework layer
Color on a normal layer below linework
Light source comes from upper right
Battle Pets usually look to the right

Note: Members are not required to follow this guide as item art can be redrawn by our official art team, however if members would like to try to get as close as possible to our style then this will help!