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2021 Jestling Event - Special Event

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Suspicious Cardboard!

Event period: April 1st - April 30th 2021

Welcome to the annual Jestling event where anything ridiculous is bound to happen! This year, prepare for double trouble with this duo of Jestling doppelgangers! But wait, who is that suspicious looking character over by the Event Shops? And why is there so much cardboard? Is there a connection to it all? Collect all of the cardboard and find out!


Find the doppelgangers and collect their loot!

??? can be found in the
Misty Meadows 4 Explore Area

and drops: Jest Bank and Clean Cardboard

Cardboard ??? can be found at the Battle Center
and drops: RAD Jest Bank and Clean Cardboard


What's inside?

Open Jest Bank to find Phun Bux. It may take a couple of tries.

Open RAD Jest Bank to find Wet Cardboard, Chewed Cardboard, or Dry Marker. It may take a couple of tries.


Once a good pile of damp cardboard has been collected,
visit Zurora's crafting shop to put them together and ...

Wet Cardboard + Chewed Cardboard + Dry Marker = Phun Bux


During April, Phun Bux can also be found in Random Events
and Saturday Night Bidding Wars!


Just the place to spend soggy coins.

Items are seasonal, so will be available every April during the event!