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2021 Summer Night Carnival - Special Event

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Welcome to the 3rd annual Summer Night Carnival event!

Event period: July 16th to August 31st 2021

Summer Night Carnival festivities will begin in mid July and will run until late August giving members a chance to take their time and enjoy the events! Members can earn Carnival Tickets by participating in Carnival Attractions! Attractions vary in skill and luck so there is a little something for everyone! Carnival Tickets can be traded in for a variety of prizes! Prizes are seasonal, and more will be added each year! Members are not allowed to use multiple accounts, or other means of cheating, to gain extra tickets or prizes. Any cheating will result in a temporary or full ban from the site.

Scroll down to see this years selection of carnival attractions!

Event duration is 8 weeks!

Week 01 July 16-17 - Pre-Event Attractions Open
Week 02 July 18-24 - Main Attractions Open
Week 03 July 25-31
Week 04 August 01-07
Week 05 August 08-14
Week 06 August 15-21
Week 07 August 22-28 - Attractions Start Closing
Week 08 August 29-31 - Wrap up Party

Carnival Ticket Prizes
Turn your Tickets into Prizes!

Jumbo Prizes = 10 Tickets

Fry Vendor AD | Band Kid AD | Fox Mask | Princess Mask | Cotton Candy Icon

Crane Game BG | Crane Game Veil | Crane Game Prizes | Ticket Vendor AD | Afternoon Carnival AD

Beta Plush | Frog Friend Plush


Big Prizes = 5 Tickets

Fry Vendor Hat | Fry Vendor Shirt | Fry Vendor Apron | Fry Vendor Face | Band Kid Hat

Band Kid Uniform | Band Kid Drum | Blue Yukata | Pink Yukata | Sky Yukata

Brown Prize Bear | Purple Prize Bear | Rainbow Prize Bear | Alpaca Plush | Snake Plush

Inflatable Hammer | Twisty Tails | Pink Carnival Booth | Blue Carnival Booth | Red Carnival Booth

Fairy Floss Jar | Starlit Carousel Box | Carnival Tent


Medium Prizes = 3 Tickets

Vendor Fries | Ice Cream Spheres | Chocolate Banana | Twisty Mallows


Mini Prizes = 1 Ticket

Wrapped Rock Candy | Finger Puppet | Fuzzy Dice | Sticky Goat Toy


How to turn in Tickets
+ With your Carnival Tickets in your inventory, head over to the Currency Conversion area to convert them into Carnival Ticket Points.
+ Then visit the Ticket Vendor Prize Booth to use your Carnival Ticket Points on the prizes of your choice!

Special Event Battle Center and Crafting
Test your strength and beat the best baddys!
Collect special event loot and craft them into prizes!

Through July and August, members can challenge this special event baddy; Tuff Stuff at the Battle Center! Test your strength through July for Round One, and come back for more in August with Round two!

Tuff Stuff says, 'See you at the Battle Center, punk!'

Tuff Stuff will reward strong battlers with fun and humorous carnival prizes. Clip On Stache, Stick On Tattoo, and Balloon Barbells! (He also drops Stamps and Goat Tokens!)

Zurora says, 'Do not be afraid, to offer me a trade!'

Take your extra loot to Zurora, as she is is quite fond of carnival prizes, and she will give you a Carnival Ticket in return! Click here to visit Zurora's Craft Shop!

If you're feeling a bid overwhelmed with extra Tuff Stuff Stamps,
take them over to the Tuff Stuff Fan Booth and trade them in for bonus prizes!

Member Run Booths, Games, and Vendors
Get your own booth set up for the carnival!

Members that have access to the forums can set up their own booth for the carnival! Set up a Booth in the Member Contests And Events forum for carnival goers to visit!

Booth Ideas:
+ Carnival Games (Set up your own version of classic carnival games)
+ Simple Art Shop (Get your HA Bud drawn with cotton candy)
+ Custom Sign shop (Airbrush usernames to post on profiles)
+ Photo Ops (Have your Goatling drawn in front of the Ferris wheel)
Offer your services for Tickets, Sugar Stars, Items, or give out prizes!

Those are just some ideas to get you started! Your booth can sell or offer anything you want, it can even be a little game for members to play. Your booth should be small and simple so it's easy to manage and visit during the event. Member booths should close by August 31st for the end of the event.

CLICK HERE to view a member Run booth as an example.
Get your Booth Tent graphic below, or download the lineart to customize your own!

Blue/Pink Booth Tent | Booth Tent Lineart


Earn Carnival Tickets by Registering your booth, and for Recommending booths!

CLICK HERE to register your booth!
CLICK HERE to recommend a booth!

Carnival Ticket Raffles
Enter to win big in the weekly raffles!

Members only need to enter once for a chance to win Carnival Tickets each week during Summer Night Carnival. The fee to enter is 1,000 Sugar Stars, and participants automatically receive one Carnival Ticket for entering the raffle.

25 Members a week will win 25 Carnival Tickets each!

Raffle winners will receive a Notification from the News post that announces the winners, however they will not receive an additional Notification when they receive their Carnival Tickets.

Face Painting Booths
Help these Goatlings have fun at the carnival by painting their faces with the requested theme!

Round 1 [ Click here for more info and to enter! ]
Round 2 [ Click here for more info and to enter! ]
Round 3 [ Click here for more info and to enter! ]
Round 4 [ Click here for more info and to enter! ]

HA Buddy Fashion Booth
Dress up for the season!

Put together 3 summer themed outfits and get ready to shine!
[ Click here for more info and to enter! ]

Photography Show
Find your summer night muse!

Display a mini gallery of your best photos!
[ Click here for more info and to enter! ]

Tell a wholesome tale!

Write a short story or poem about what your favorite Goatling did during Summer Night Carnival!
[ Click here for more info and to enter! ]

Lucky Carnival Tickets
Find random Carnival Tickets around the site!

Try your luck at Daily Gachapon,
Saturday Night Bidding Wars, and Random Events!

Event Explore Area
Search for creatures by firefly light!

Click Explore to Visit the Midnight Carnival Area and collect seasonal loot!

Limited Edition Diamond Dust Lucky Box
Toss a coin and get a prize!

Open this fluffy bag to receive one of these charming Limited Edition items!

Unicorn Kid AD, Pink Star Freckles, Rainbow Flower Crown, Unicorn Kid Bow, Unicorn Kid Side Bow, Unicorn Kid Base, Unicorn Kid Horn, Big Unicorn Plush, Blue Minicorn, Pink Minicorn, Unicorn Stick Toy, or Unicorn Pop!

Unicorn Kid Goatling and accompanying loot are official staff designs by @Lostysaur so make sure to send a little extra love today!

The Unicorn Kid Bag is exclusively available at the Diamond Dust Shop for the remainder of the Summer Night Carnival event. These limited edition items will retire at the end of August.

IRL Summer Night Carnival Goodies
Grab a souvenir to remember your fun time!

Available at: www.redbubble.com/people/Goatlings-Gifts