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Fall Token Items!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 10-29-14 08:54:01
Since the Token game is brand new it has been stocked with lots and LOTS of goodies!

Along with many lovely member created designs! Lets take a moment to thank these creative members! Batling was designed by @zom and Charmling by @meeks!

Slime hairs by @Patch and Zombie Hairs, Faces, Base, White Shirt, and Black Top are by @Cheribee

Skull Icon is by @john and Candy Corn Icon by @bearsister

Thank you everyone!

The Haunted Portrait
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 10-29-14 08:01:39
The excitement caused by the Goat Token release has lifted the curse of an ancient painting!

Many years have past since this painting was placed under a sleeping spell. Now that it is awake, the Goatling within the paining is asking for Goat Tokens. She is even offering up her rare Goat Treasure for them.

You may be tricked or you may receive a treat! Will you accept the bargain offered by this Haunted Portrait?

Go to the Arcade and try your luck!

About this new feature!
The token game is a seasonal event with 4 versions per year (one per season). The items that come with each version will not retire but will be available again during next years season. For example, Fall token items will be available again next Fall. However, NEW items will be added each year! Goat Tokens can be used on every version.

Random Events Update! And Goat Tokens!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 10-29-14 07:17:28

New fortunes and items have been added to Random Events! If you happen upon a Goat Token make sure to hold onto it! You'll be needing it soon!

As a very special treat - everyone* has received 10 free Goat Tokens! Goat Tokens can also be found in the Diamond Dust shop. (They will be obtainable during Special Events ans games later on as well.)

*Members who have created an account before 03:17 GoatTime today.

October Zodiac Goatlings Event - VOTE for Scorpio!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 10-25-14 08:40:52

It's time to vote for your favorite member created Scorpio design!

CLICK HERE to vote!

Vote by clicking the 'like' button next to your favorite Scorpio Goatling! Choose wisely because you can't take back your vote. Please only vote 1-3 times. (Top choice, top two choices, or top three choices) Voting will be open until Oct 31st.

+ First Place - AD of their design, 1,000,000 Sugar Stars, and 800 Diamond Dust. All First Place designs will be permanently added to the AD Shop and the designers name will be added to the items description.
+ Runner Up - 500,000 Sugar Stars and 400 Diamond Dust.
+ Honorable Mention - 300,000 Sugar Stars and 200 Diamond Dust.
+ Scorpio related HA Buddy present for everyone who submitted a legitimate design.

CLICK HERE for main event page with details and schedule!

More HA Buddy Updates!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 10-17-14 08:08:58
During this time of year members really like dressing up their avatars so we are bringing you another large HA Buddy item update!

The HA buddy Boutique now has: Bat Ears (by @swan), Starry Night BG, Wolf Hair 1-4 (by @Kayla), Brown Goat Ears, Wolf Shirt 1-2, Fox Tail, Wolf Tail 1-3, Fox Ears (by @Frudies), Wolf Ears 1-2 (by Frudies), Wolf Face 1-2 (by @Cal), and Bat Face (by swan).

The Base Place now has: Brown Fur and Gray Base.

The Face Space now has: Bat Nose (by swan).

And the Diamond Dust shop now has: Spoopy Night BG.

Wishing Well Wishes Granted!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 10-15-14 04:52:49

Oh! Hello there! Lots of wishes are being granted lately! Congratulations for having your wishes come true! Your wishes will soon appear in your inventory!

WISH: Homestuck items?
By user: @Mikicharr

WISH: homestuck
By user: @princeofdoki

WISH: More shirts for HA
By user: @Mint

WISH: i wish for a shirt
By user: @Lupa1234

WISH: a cute nose for Ha Buddy face
By user: @daisygirl488

WISH: a new ha buddy face
By user: @paleblackeye

WISH: More faces for HA buddy
By user: @nauticalgoats

WISH: Brown coloured eyes?
By user: @Mantaray

WISH: brown eyes
By user: @Moon

WISH: Brown eyes!!! :D
By user: @sstwins

WISH: heterochromia eyes for ha
By user: @diprosopus

WISH: two toned eyes
By user: @oxo

WISH: cute new HA buddy eyes, please
By user: @yiffy

WISH: Ha Buddy item
By user: @Pyridi

WISH: noses
By user: @Pikagalli

WISH: a nose
By user: @Song

WISH: Ha buddy face
By user: @Macateroni

WISH: Ha Buddy item
By user: @roboaaron

WISH: new ha buddy clothing
By user: @nocnitsa

WISH: ha buddy items
By user: @PrinceGoatWolf

WISH: HA Buddy Item~
By user: @ghirga

WISH: new Ha Buddy item
By user: @kittygirl

WISH: a new ha buddy item
By user: @ectobiolobutt

WISH: ha buddy item
By user: @roxine

WISH: I just wish to smile...
By user: @Kid

Special request from members, visit Kid's profile and give them some love!

HA Buddy Update!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 10-15-14 04:51:34
The HA Buddy update continues with new Boutique and Face Space items!

A very special Zodiac Tshirt set has been released in the HA Buddy Boutique! These were inspired by the popular web comic Homestuck! Goatlings.com received special permission to create these!

Also stocking at the Boutique are these member designed faces by @Cometkins

The Face Space got a large set of Cute Eyes and a couple new face items to go with them.

More HA buddy updates coming soon!

Wishing Well Wishes Granted!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 10-14-14 06:05:49

Oh! Hello there! A couple of wishes were granted with the last update! Congratulations for having your wishes come true! Your wishes will soon appear in your inventory!

WISH: pale skin
By user: @ThePandaHero

WISH: Red fox skin for the HA buddy?
By user: @KellyAttacks

WISH: Darker skin option!
By user: @nauticalgoats

WISH: I wish for more animal-themed HA Buddy Skins.
By user: @sheridan

WISH: fur skin wearable
By user: @Song

WISH: darker brown skin
By user: @bubblegum

WISH: darker brown HA buddy skin, please
By user: @perdant

WISH: A wider variety of deafult skin tones!
By user: @Chevrine

WISH: HA Buddy Items based on or inspired by Goatlings and baddies
By user: @Sugardrop

WISH: HA buddy faces with just the eyes, to make it easier for layering without problems with nose and mouths.
By user: @Jazz

WISH: cute eyebrows~!
By user: @plantrecords

WISH: More green eyes
By user: @kyla22

WISH: beauty mark
By user: @gardener

WISH: Mole/Beauty Mark
By user: @Princelet

Huge HA Buddy Update!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 10-11-14 03:34:44

Two new shops have opened in the Shopping District! Visit Sugar and Spice at HA Buddy Face Space and HA Buddy Base Place.

The Face Space is designed for members who want a more in depth customization options for their HA Buddys. This shop stocks individual eyes, noses, and mouths to mix and match. Other face items like freckles, facial hair, and scars will be added over time. The current facial hair that is stocked at the HA buddy Boutique will soon be moving to the Face Space. Full face sets will stay in the HA Buddy Boutique.

The Base Place is for the base layer (skin/fur) of your HA Bud. Any bases that were stocking at the HA Buddy Boutique have already been moved to the Base Place.

All these shops have been stocked with new items!
More color options for the goat items (horns, ears, fur, eyes) coming soon to match all Goatlings! The Face Space and Base Place will be having a few more updates soon as well. If you would like to submit your own designs please post them here !

Special thanks to @batbot who made a handy color chart of natural skin tones for the Au Naturel bases!

I've got the chills!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 10-08-14 03:37:35
The Battle Center has been quiet for to long. A storm is brewing, a cold wind is stirring!

Cold Frisson is back at the Battle Center and along side him are a pack of fierce new minions! Train your Goatling, collect the loot, and discover a new Appearance Doll; Pumpkin Spice!

Pumpkin Spice is a member created design by @Wires and @Nogalina so make sure to give them a little extra love today! Cold Frisson and minions will be sticking around until about November 29th. After that, the loot will retire. Excluding the stamps witch will be available again next year.

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