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January Raffle Winner!
Posted by Goat Princess
on 01-01-20 05:00:01
The Raffle has been drawn. Congratulations to ouroboros who has won 371000 Sugar Stars!!!

3... 2... 1... HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 01-01-20 12:00:07

Welcome 2020!

Goatlings.com is now officially entering its 8th year!

Last year was another wonderful and productive time! We went from 66,087 members to 77,932 members! From 330 Goatlings to 405 Goatlings! And from 3,933 items to 4,552 items!

Thank you everyone for being part of our friendly and creative community!

To commemorate and thank you all for joining us during this past year, the Goat Princess is gifting Year 7 Badges for a very limited time so make sure to snag one soon for your profile collection!

and enter the code:

Friendly reminder: Using multiple accounts to gain extra Princess Gifts (or any time) is a violation of our Terms Of Service and will result in an irreversible ban of all related accounts.

Lots of fun events, new Goatlings, and updates, are planned for this year and we can't wait to share them with you!

Here's to a great New Year!

Sugar Star Festival - time to pass out your charms!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 12-31-19 07:31:07

Greetings Fanlings!

The residents of the Goatlings Kingdom would like to share with you a very special end of the year tradition!

All year long Goatlings save their biggest and prettiest Sugar Stars and turn them into charms. On the last day of the year (December 31st) Goatlings gather together and stay up late in order to greet the New Year at midnight! In the hours before midnight the Sugar Star Charms are given to others to express an important message. The color of each charm represents something different.

Pink - I care about you, you're my good friend!
Blue - You're appreciated, I'm glad you're here!
Yellow - Good luck and prosperity in the New Year!
Purple - I love you!
Orange - I'm sorry.
Green - I forgive you.
White - Thank you!

So, if you've have something meaningful to say to someone but haven't had a good chance yet, the Sugar Star Festival is the time to let it out!

Today is the day to pass out your charms and stay up late to greet the new year!

The Goat Princess is gifting one last Sugar Star Charm Lucky Box so make sure to snag it! When opened, you will receive a random Sugar Star Charm!

Send a Sugar Star Charm to another member by clicking the charm in your inventory, choose 'Give To Friend' from the drop down menu and click 'Use', then enter the member's name and click 'Send Item'.

and enter the code:

Additional Sugar Star Charms and Lucky Boxes can be found in the Diamond Dust shop!

Note: Sugar Star Festival items will not retire, however they will only be available in December.

December Lucky Number Contest Winners!
Posted by Goat Princess
on 12-29-19 05:00:01
The Lucky Number games have been drawn. You can view the winners (if any) below. If no winners were found for a jackpot, the jackpot will roll over to next week.


Goatling Spotlight! SilverLights!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 12-29-19 01:17:20

Welcome to Goatling Spotlight! A mini event where we get to show off your favorite Goatlings! Each week a new Goatling will be featured in the News and the owner will receive a shiny Spotlight Trophy to display on their pets page or in their collection. This week is all about SilverLights!

Name: SilverLights
Appearance Doll: Silver Bells AD
Guardian: @Prizes Give Love!
Bio: Silver adores the holidays. She specifically loves Christmas, or anything involving snow. She'll wander the snowy sidewalks, a bag of goodies in her hooves, handing out small gifts to those who pass her. And due to her soft-spot for the holiday, and taking the role of giving rather than receiving, she especially loves to donate some Sugar Stars to those in need. She even joins in ringing the little bells the charity hosts bring. You'll always catch Silver participating in joyus events.

Favorite Treasure
Fruitcake | Snow Hat Box | Penguin Pals BP | Surprise Box Plush

Art by @Freakytiki

Art by @Prizes

CLICK HERE for more details, past spotlights, and to enter your Goatlings!

Saturday Night Bidding Wars! (Plus Sugar Star Festival items!)
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 12-29-19 01:12:59

Saturday Night Bidding Wars has begun! These Auctions will be held a once a week and feature exclusive items that are only available on auction night! The auctions start on Saturday and go on for 24 hours.

Items that will be Auctioned each week:

+ 2 exclusive Appearance Dolls (Rockabilly and Velvet Rose)
+ Exclusive Gavel Display Name Icon
+ Exclusive Auction Badge
+ One rare baddy stamp. Stamps in rotation are;
Tiangou Stamp, Fire Rooster Stamp, Thoth Stamp, Masked Rival Stamp, Ethos Stamp, Luck Dragon Stamp, Queen Snake Stamp, and Apostrophe Stamp.




Rules and Guidelines
- Members may bid on multiple items and as many times as they like.
- Members may win multiple times in a row.
- Members may also snipe bids (bid as the auction is about to end).
- Members may do whatever they want with the items after they have won them. Such as sell, give away, hoard, or even pawn.
- Auctioned items will not retire.
- We understand that auctions may become intense, but please do not be frustrated or discouraged. There's always next week!
- Members who pester or disrespect others who have placed bids and/or won an auction will be permanently silenced.
This IS a friendly bidding war so stay tough, calm, and have fun!

Thank you!

Design-A-Goatling Event - WINNERS for Decades of Fashion - 1990's!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 12-29-19 12:49:59

The votes are in for the most popular Decades of Fashion Goatling! Thank you all for entering so many amazing designs and voting for your favorites!

The top votes go to:

219 @lid - First Place
210 @eto - Runner Up
114 @Vincent - Honorable Mention
102 @hifudo
090 @KingGoat
080 @BeautyBurnsGold
062 @nissabug
062 @PrincessTroublegum
014 @nightshadeflower

Congratulations everyone! lid's 90s Kid design is now permanently available in the Appearance Doll Shop!

All design participants will receive a "90s Kid Top" for their HA Buddy! This item is now permanently stocked at HA Buddy Boutique.

Bonus items!
90s Toy, 90s Kid Toy, 90s Kid Clips, 90s Kid Hat, and 90s Kid Hair. (Click the name to shop!)

Prizes have been distributed! Thank you all for participating!

December | Design-A-Goatling Decades of Fashion |Futuristic | VOTE NOW!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 12-28-19 01:29:52


It's time to vote for your favorite member created Goatling design! Vote by clicking the 'like' button next to your favorite Goatling! Choose wisely because you can't take back your vote. Please only vote 1-3 times. (Top choice, top two choices, or top three choices) In the case of a tie, Goatlings.com staff will cast their votes to determine the winner. Voting will be open until about December 31st

+ First Place - Free AD of their design and 30 Goat Tokens

+ Runner Up - 20 Goat Tokens

+ Honorable Mention - 10 Goat Tokens

+ All participants will receive a special gift inspired by the winning entry.

All First Place designs will be permanently added to the Appearance Doll Shop and the designer's name will be added to the item description.

CLICK HERE for main event page with details and schedule!

Sugar Star Festival - Princes Gift!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 12-27-19 08:49:55

The Goat Princess will be passing out free Sugar Star Charm Lucky Boxes every few days until the last week of December! When opened, you will receive a random Sugar Star Charm! Save them until the end of the month and give them to someone you care about!

and enter the code:

Please note: The Princess Gift page will not work on some mobile browsers.

--- --- ---

Additional Sugar Star Charms and Lucky Boxes can be found in the Diamond Dust shop!

Click Here to learn more about the Sugar Star Festival!

December Raffle Winner!
Posted by Goat Princess
on 12-25-19 05:00:01
The Raffle has been drawn. Congratulations to LunaLi who has won 666500 Sugar Stars!!!

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