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Wishing Well Wishes Granted!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 05-26-15 05:01:36

Oh! Hello there! We are the guardian fairies of the Wishing Well. The wishes of the following members have come true!

WISH: Dolphin Plushie
By user: @Maximina

WISH: A dolphin plush
By user: @jad3eDragon2

WISH: plushies!!
By user: @winglet

WISH: More plush toys?
By user: @Beanie

WISH: plush
By user: @Toffey_aj

WISH: More stuffies, please!
By user: @Wires

Congratulations for having your wishes come true! Your wishes will soon appear in your inventory!

Pink Dolphin Plush is now stocked in the Toy Shop!

About the Wishing Well
Members can wish for little things that don't already exist in the Goatling's world like a specific type of item for your collection, a new color for an existing item, new Display Name Icon, club icon, or a new Ha Buddy item, stuff like that. If your wish is granted you will discover that the item you wished for has appeared in your inventory! However, in order to grant these types of wishes the Wishing Well fairies need Sugar Stars to enhance their magic. Make as many wishes as you like, but don't get to carried away. There are some wishes that even the Wishing Well fairies cannot grant!

Gift Shop
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 05-24-15 08:58:18
The Goatlings Storenvy gift shop is temporarily closed while we figure out a problem with the newly enforced payment method (Stripe). All current orders will be shipped this Tues/Wed even if you don't get a shipping confirmation email.

Thank you!

Design A Goatling Double Event - VOTE for Wizard/Sorceress and Emerald/Lily!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 05-24-15 04:27:14

It's time to vote for your favorite member created Goatling design!

CLICK HERE to vote for RPG Classics, Wizard/Sorceress!

CLICK HERE to vote for Bday flowers/gems, Emerald/Lily!

Vote by clicking the 'like' button next to your favorite Goatling design! Choose wisely because you can't take back your vote. Please only vote 1-3 times. (Top choice, top two choices, or top three choices) Voting will be open until May 31st.

+ First Place - Free AD of their design - 20 Goat Tokens
All First Place designs will be permanently added to the AD Shop and the designers name will be added to the items description.
+ Runner Up - 10 Goat Tokens
+ Honorable Mention - 5 Goat Tokens
+ All participants will receive a special gift inspired by the winning entry.

CLICK HERE for main event page with details and schedule!

May Lucky Number Contest Winners!
Posted by Goat Princess
on 05-24-15 12:00:07
The Lucky Number games have been drawn. You can view the winners (if any) below. If no winners were found for a jackpot, the jackpot will roll over to next week.


Lilanie won the Lucky Numbers game (3) with numbers 1, 3 and 9! They won 81800 SS!

Goatlings University
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 05-22-15 01:09:07

Greeting fanlings!

This is a special update with a personal note from me! For those not in the know - I am the creator and owner of Goatlings.com!

After many years of studying, I have graduated from the Academy of Art University with a Bachelors of Fine Art in Illustration! I can now put more time into Goatlings.com and I am just ecstatic about my future and the future of the site!

I want to say how proud I am of all of YOU as well! Even though tempers may try to flare up every now and then we always work it out, and are always a friendly and welcoming community - and I really appreciate that. I hope that you all continue to make an effort to be peaceful with each other so Goatlings.com can stay a fun place for a long time.


The Diamond Dust shop has been packed with limited edition Goatlings University loot! Everyone on the site (as of the date of this news post) will receive a FREE Goatlings University diploma that can be opened and read. The diploma is also a limited edition Diamond Dust shop item.

We did not leave out the Goatlings! This Goatling graduate appearance is also available in the Limited Edition section of the Diamond Dust shop! These items will be available until the end of August and then retire forever.

The official Goatlings.com Storenvy gift shop has also been stocked with limited Goatlings University pencils! Only 23 made! These are for a mini fundraiser to help pay off some of my school bills.

Once again, thank you all for your support and I hope you'll continue to enjoy the site!

May Raffle Winner!
Posted by Goat Princess
on 05-20-15 12:00:01
The Raffle has been drawn. Congratulations to TheLegacy who has won 549500 Sugar Stars!!!

May Lucky Number Contest Winners!
Posted by Goat Princess
on 05-17-15 12:00:09
The Lucky Number games have been drawn. You can view the winners (if any) below. If no winners were found for a jackpot, the jackpot will roll over to next week.


Outlaw won the Lucky Numbers game (3) with numbers 3, 9 and 9! They won 47850 SS!
Katsutos won the Lucky Numbers game (3) with numbers 3, 9 and 9! They won 47850 SS!

Mini Forum and Security Update
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 05-15-15 11:12:33
Just a couple small updates worth mentioning!

+ Blocking feature now includes trades - cannot offer on each others trades.

+ And new accounts must be at least 3 days old in order to post on the forums (lowered from 7 days)

Thank you!

Forum and Security Updates!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 05-14-15 09:29:36
The blocking feature has gotten an upgrade! Blocking another member will implement the following features:

+ Members you have blocked cannot send you GoatMail.
However, they can respond to GoatMails that have already been created, so make sure to delete unwanted GoatMails to prevent further contact.

+ Forum posts made by members you have blocked will be switched to hidden.
Their post wont be deleted, but the message will be hidden from your view.

+ Cannot see each others profiles.
+ Cannot ping each other.
+ Cannot buy from each others shops.
+ Cannot offer on each others trades. (This feature isn't working rite now but will be fixed soon)

+ Staff members cannot be blocked.

+ Members you have blocked will not receive a notification that you have done so. However they will receive an error message similar to "ERROR: You cannot do that." if they try to interact with you in the ways mentioned above.

+ Your Block List can be found on your GoatMail inbox page and in MySettings.

Forum Updates:

+ Member accounts must be at least 7 days old in order to post on the forums
+ Forum posting is limited to every 60 seconds
+ New Topics are limited to every 5 minuets
+ Crown Account Members are not affected by these limitations (Even if they are under 7 days old)

+ All forum Topics and Posts created by a banned member will be deleted automatically
This does not affect Self-Banned accounts

+ Members can no longer leave tags open on their Display Name. Members who currently have open tags must update their Display Name asap or they will start receiving official warnings.

We hope these new updates make you feel more comfortable on the forums! Thank you!

Big Update!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 05-14-15 02:45:21
Many new features and improvements are here!

+ The Stats page now has a Birthday section!
If it is your Bday but are not on the list, please send in a Support Ticket and we will update it. Members who have their online status hidden will not show up on the Bday list.

+ Profile Wishlist pages are now working properly so wish away!

+ The Goat Princess will now automatically draw the Raffle every Wednesday.

+ Members can no longer buy items from their own Shops.

+ The Top Sales Shops list have been reset to make things fair.

+ Visitors to the site will no longer receive Random Events until they are logged in.

+ A confirmation pop-up will now appear while using Appearance Dolls on your Goatlings. This is to prevent the AD from being placed on the wrong Goatling.

+ HA Buddies now have a Dressing Room so you can try before you buy! The Dressing room is linked inside the HA Buddy Boutique, HA Buddy Face Space, and HA Buddy Base Place. Layers cannot be reordered with the Dressing Room.

+ Search bar added to the forums page. Members can now search for topics using keywords. It is limited to 20 results per search to cut down on heavy loading time.

+ Flutter Snap has been fixed up.
Butterflys will now be rewarded for EVERY 3 in a row win. So a winning streak of 6 (and so on) will give a butterfly.
There was some confusion about the 100K winning streak. It was actually set at 20 wins even though the instructions said 10 wins. It was officially moved down to 10 and tested to make sure it is working.

To help make up for the confusion we will manually give a 100,000 Sugar Star reward to the following members who currently hold the top 10 highest scores in Flutter Snap.

17 @fictionalistic
16 @aurelia
15 @caneton
15 @sstwins
15 @Roryren
15 @seimei
14 @stargayte
14 @MissLlamaness
14 @HappilyMacabre

(Prizes have been distributed. We are limited to the top 10 because that is all our database recorded for proper proof.)

We hope you enjoy the new updates!

- COMING SOON - High score tables for Triple Scoop, Higher Or Lower, and Flutter Snap, WITH TROPHIES!

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