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May Lucky Number Contest Winners!
Posted by Goat Princess
on 05-10-15 12:00:08
The Lucky Number games have been drawn. You can view the winners (if any) below. If no winners were found for a jackpot, the jackpot will roll over to next week.


Newt won the Lucky Numbers game (3) with numbers 1, 4 and 7! They won 191700 SS!

Flower Crowns!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 05-05-15 10:30:40

Due to the high volume of Flower Crown requests we have added MORE color choices to the HA Buddy Boutique. Happy Spring everyone!

NEW Treasure Trivia - May!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 05-05-15 10:07:17
Oh hey! Did you see that new item being stocked in the shops? I want 20! I just love collecting new items for my treasure. I keep an inventory of my collection in this book so I can make sure I don't miss one. Although, I spilled my drink on this page and now the image is smudged. Of course I can still tell what it is. If you can, I'll give you one of my duplicate items!

Click here to play Treasure Trivia now!

Win a Pink Flower Crown! This item also has a rare chance of being stocked at the HA Buddy Boutique.

New Treasure Trivia games start within the first week of each month. You may need to refresh the page (or press Ctrl+F5) to see the new Treasure Trivia items! Treasure Trivia prizes do NOT retire. The prize is a brand new Shopping District item that will have a rare chance of stocking, and only 1 at a time. Also please note: Treasure Trivia game does not work on mobile.

Goatling Goature - Jestling!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 05-05-15 08:25:53

Ever wanted your HA buddy to match your favorite Goatling or Baddy? Well now you can! Goatling Goature is a mini event for debuting full fashionable sets inspired by Goatlings, Shopkeepers, and Baddys. So now you really can "get the look"!

This installment of Goatling Goature features Jestling!

Item Locations

HA Buddy Boutique: Purple Goat Ears, Jestling BG, Jestling Hat, Scepter.

HA Buddy Face Space: Purple Round Brows, Gold Goat Eyes, Goat Mouth or Cute Mouth, Goat Nose.

HA Buddy Base Place: Jestling Fur

Click Here to visit the official Goatling Goature thread for all outfit references.

Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 05-05-15 02:31:46

Fair well... for now?

May Lucky Number Contest Winners!
Posted by Goat Princess
on 05-03-15 12:00:11
The Lucky Number games have been drawn. You can view the winners (if any) below. If no winners were found for a jackpot, the jackpot will roll over to next week.


May - Create A Goatling Double Event - ENTER NOW! [Wizard/Sorceress & Emerald/Lily]
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 05-02-15 01:51:42

Goatling design submissions for the RPG Classics Wizard/Sorceress and Birthday flowers & gems Emerald/Lily Double Event are now open! Entries will be accepted until May 23rd.

CLICK HERE to enter your RPG Classics design!

CLICK HERE to enter your Birthday Flowers & Gems design!

Contest Details
- New double event will start each month for the whole year of 2015
- About 3 weeks for designing/entering, 1 Day for judging, 1 week for member voting
- Okay to submit multiple designs (add them to the same reply)
- Okay to submit designs in both contests at once
- 9 designs per month (per contest) will be chosen for a member vote
- The most popular design (1 per contest) will be made into an official Goatling
- Vote for up to 3 designs, per month, per contest
- Members are not allowed to enter either contest if they won the previous contest
- Click Here for Event Details and Schedule.

Goatling Design Guidelines
- Click Here to get templates.
- Do not alter the pose of original template.
- Try to keep the Goatling looking like a goat. For example, don't change it into a sheep or ram.
- We'd prefer if members did not add extra limbs/horns as they can be hard to make out at a small size.
- Don't overcomplicated things. Keep designs sweet and simple.
- Don't create something gory - no exposed bones, organs, blood, sinew, etc
- Goatling's hairstyles are typically short but that's not a requirement.
- Please note: Normally the design is redrawn by our official art team so it fits in with our style. Sometimes the design will be changed, altered, or simplified in the process. Nothing drastic. Examples of changes are: enlarging details so they can be seen easier, simplifying cluttered details, color balancing, reverting altered templates.

+ First Place - Free AD of their design - 20 Goat Tokens
All First Place designs will be permanently added to the AD Shop.
+ Runner Up - 10 Goat Tokens
+ Honorable Mention - 5 Goat Tokens
+ All participants will receive a special gift inspired by the winning entry.

Last months winnings were @myouna and @sloth and their Goatling designs will be available within the next few days!

NEW ARCADE GAME - Flutter Snap!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 05-02-15 11:43:53
Take photos of butterflies for your profile collection!

Before the butterflies will let you take their picture, you must win their favor by beating them at their own game of Butterfly Flower Net. You'll get 1,000 Sugar Stars for each win. If you get a winning streak of 3, you'll receive a snapshot of a butterfly for your collection! If you get a winning streak of 10, you'll receive 100,000 Sugar Stars! Click the image below for more details and to play!

May Referral Contest Winners!
Posted by Goat Princess
on 05-01-15 12:00:05
Below are the top referrers for this month and the number of referrals they accumulated!
Thank you everyone, and welcome to the new members!

RawrItsAna- 172Dola- 50Snowstorm9- 22

Spring Bunny and Minions!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 04-29-15 05:10:01
April showers bring... new battles!

Spring Bunny and his Minions are back at the Battle Center!

If you and your Goatlings can beat them in battle you may win a limited edition Blue Bird Plush, Bunny Crackers, or Sprout! Sprout is an original member design by @kibby so make sure to send a little extra love their way today!

Don't forget to save a couple stamps for your collection! If you're really lucky you may win a few Goat Tokens to use on the seasonal Token Game!

Spring Bun and his minions will stick around until about May 30th. After that they will leave us until next year and their loot will retire. (Excluding stamps and Goat Tokens)

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