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Saturday Night Bidding Wars! (Plus Monster Masquerade goodies!)
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 2022-11-05 03:21:41

Saturday Night Bidding Wars has begun! These Auctions will be held a once a week and feature exclusive items that are only available on auction night! The auctions start on Saturday and go on for 24 hours.

Items that will be Auctioned each week:

+ 2 exclusive Appearance Dolls (Rockabilly and Velvet Rose)
+ Exclusive Gavel Display Name Icon
+ Exclusive Auction Badge
+ One rare baddy stamp. Stamps in rotation are;
Tulip Tender Stamp, Moonlit Rogue Stamp, Lucky Stamp, Tiangou Stamp, Fire Rooster Stamp, Thoth Stamp, Masked Rival Stamp, Ethos Stamp, Luck Dragon Stamp, Queen Snake Stamp, and Apostrophe Stamp.




Rules and Guidelines
- Members may bid on multiple items and as many times as they like.
- Members may win multiple times in a row.
- Members may also snipe bids (bid as the auction is about to end).
- Members may do whatever they want with the items after they have won them. Such as sell, give away, hoard, or even pawn.
- Auctioned items will not retire.
- We understand that auctions may become intense, but please do not be frustrated or discouraged. There's always next week!
- Members who pester or disrespect others who have placed bids and/or won an auction will be permanently banned from Goat Mail and Forums.
This IS a friendly bidding war so stay tough, calm, and have fun!

Thank you!

Monster Masquerade - Last Day!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 2022-11-05 01:55:12
Greetings Masqueraders!

Today is the last day for Main Monster Masquerade Entries! Bulletin Boards will close when it's no longer Saturday November 5th anywhere in the world! CLICK HERE to view the World Clock

Entries entered before Bulletin Boards closes, even if they need to be revised or edited afterwards, will count. We do ask if you submit late, to be ready to revise entries just in case, so we can tally the accurate team point totals quickly, and announce this years Monster Masquerade Champion!

Good luck and have fun everyone!

[CLICK HERE to go back to the main Monster Masquerade event page.]

October Studio Blu Winners!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 2022-11-04 09:42:21

Welcome to Studio Blu!
A monthly prompt event based in the official Goatlings.com Discord server!

How it works!
At the beginning of each month, a Discord moderator will post an inspirational theme. Members wishing to participate can draw or write a short story or poem about a Goatling using the theme as a guide!

At the end of the month, two entries will be randomly selected to be featured on the site News and the members will receive a special in-game trophy!

The Studio Blu prompt for October was: Fall Favorites! And the winners are:

@Roxas_ (Give Love!)
Artist's note: mothman is my fav, everytime is my fav!

and @plushcore (Give Love!)

(Beetlecore & Juicecore are my goats Creepy Cook AD + RAD)

Beetle and Juice were excited for the spooky season, always ready more than anyone else they knew. Juice had already set up the decorations to their house, while Beetle had prepared the candy for if anybody visit for trick or treating. They didn’t too often get visitors, at least not familiar faces. You didn’t often go GP the house of the twins unless you’re new to the neighborhood, or you enjoy opening the door to being greeted by the two in their costumes and their fully aware vibes they give off. It doesn’t help they synchronize everything on purpose too, they just find it funny.

When Juice had finished setting up all the orange and green lights, fang had went back to where fang knew Beetle was, probably at the front door nibbling on the candy void knew void wasn’t supposed to, but they could never be mad at each other, they always knew how much this time of year meant to the other.

Once everything was all set up and ready, they gather up and giggle amongst themselves. Bottle and Juice were ready for what the night had to bring. For now though, while it was still brought outside, they go to the living room and watch a spooky movie until the real fun can begin.

Congratulations and thank you everyone for participating!
CLICK HERE for more information about our Official Discord Server and learn how to join!

December Battle Center & Winter Goat Token Game Submissions are OPEN
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 2022-11-04 08:20:21

Greetings Battlings!

Members can now enter their December/Winter/Surprise Box & Minions/Winter Goat Token Game themed designs for next months limited edition Battle Center Loot!

CLICK HERE to enter and vote for your favs!

1 Goatling design and 3-5 items will be chosen to add to next months Baddy Loot. Like typical Battle Center loot, these will only be available for one month, then retire forever!

Thank you everyone and happy battling!

November Support Boxes!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 2022-11-04 07:54:49

Greetings Fanlings!

November Support Boxes are now available at the Community Center.

In addition to our classic (Dawn/Twilight/Dusk) Support Boxes, we are introducing a brand new set of Support Boxes! The new box themes are Eclipse Flight, Rainbow Flight, and Solar Flight. Availability of classic and new Support Boxes will rotate every month.

Support Box Schedule
January - Classic Set
February - New Set
March - Classic Set
April - New Set
May - Classic Set
June - Break for Justice June
July - New Set AND Classic Set
August - New Set
September - Classic Set
October - New Set
November - Classic Set
December - New Set

In order to keep the amount of boxes released a year consistent for classic boxes, the maximum amount of boxes members can obtain a month have increased from 1 to 2.

Monthly Support goals are mini fundraisers that help with general behind-the-scenes expenses such as programing updates, taxes, site maintenance, staff payments, and site fees. Our longer term goals also include improving current features, and updating the arcade!

Monthly Support also helps to keep the site ad free, and sneak peeks free on social media.

Three Support Boxes are available each month on rotation; Dawn Lucky Box, Twilight Lucky Box, and Dusk Lucky Box will be available for one month, and Eclipse Lucky Box, Rainbow Lucky Box, and Solar Lucky box will be available the next (and so on and so forth). Members can receive up to two of each unique Support Boxes during each new month’s support period - regardless of how much is donated.

These mini fundraisers will be reset at the start of each month, allowing members who donate to receive up to 6 new boxes a month. Support Box(es) will be added to the members account automatically as soon as a donation is made.

Thank you for your support!

Frost Guardian & Minions!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 2022-11-03 11:04:18
An icy frost is creeping over the land and chilling everything in sight. It must be the work of the mysterious Frost Guardian!

Frost Guardian and Minions have come to the Battle Center and are ready to challenge your Goatlings to a friendly battle. Train your Goatlings and collect limited edition loot!

Sugar And Spice Goatling is an original member design by @Churroski so make sure to send a little extra love today!

Don't forget to save a couple stamps for your collection! If you're really lucky you may win a few Goat Tokens to use on the seasonal Token Game!

Frost Guardian and Minions will stick around until about November 30th. After that they will leave us until next year and their limited edition loot will retire. (Excluding stamps and Goat Tokens.)

November Sugar Star Raffle Winner!
Posted by Goat Princess
on 2022-11-02 12:00:07
The weekly Sugar Star Raffle has been drawn! Congratulations to SilkySheep who has won 1003000 Sugar Stars!

Design-A-Goatling Nature - WINNERS for August 2022!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 2022-11-01 10:22:08

The votes are in for the most popular July Design-A-Goatling Deserts and Oasis design! Thank you all for entering and voting for your favorites! The top votes go to:

Desert Bloomling by @maltymcfry - Votes: 210
Sand Summoner by @OrigamiShark - Votes: 168
Desert Vagabond by @Bearkitty - Votes: 166
Desert Flower by @luxiell - Votes: 135
Desert Rose by @Ockham - Votes: 129
Sand Nomad by @MTheStrange - Votes: 109
Desert Dunes by @SilkySheep - Votes: 92
Sonora Sunset by @CFR - Votes: 77
Old Man Cactus by @Timekeepers - Votes: 71
No Name by @Enigmatic - Votes: 54

Congratulations everyone! @maltymcfry's Desert Bloomling Goatling is now permanently available in the Appearance Doll Shop!

All design participants will receive a "Desert Bloomling Base"! This item is now permanently stocked at HA Buddy Base Place.

Bonus item!
Cactus Blossom!
(Click the name to shop!)

Prizes have been distributed! Thank you all for participating!

November - Design-A-Goatling Contest Nature | Coral Reefs and Deep Sea | ENTRIES OPEN!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 2022-11-01 06:59:30

Enter your Goatling designs for a chance to get them permanently added to the Appearance Doll Shop! This month's prompt is Coral Reefs and Deep Sea! Entries will be accepted until November 22nd.

CLICK HERE for more details and to enter your design!

+ First Place - Free AD of their design and a Adoption Ticket
+ Runner Up - 30 Goat Tokens
+ Honorable Mention - 20 Goat Tokens
+ All participants will receive a special gift inspired by the winning entry
+ First Place designs will be permanently added to the Appearance Doll Shop!

Have fun designing your own unique Goatling!

November Referral Contest Winners!
Posted by Goat Princess
on 2022-11-01 12:00:37
Below are the top referrers from last month and the number of members they've referred!
Thank you everyone, and welcome to the new members!

Moon - 42
rcb - 5
tokengoat - 5

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