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Gone Fishin update - Part 02 of 02!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 2022-09-17 10:07:00

Greetings Fanlings!

The arcade game; Gone Fishin has been updated with new Collectable Waterlife, Battle Equips, a Book, and Food!

To see all items that can be obtained though Gone Fishin, please visit the new Gone Fishin Item Archive! The new Archive is also linked on the main Gone Fishin page for quick reference. New items will appear in the Archive soon.

Gone Fishin has been updated with the new collectibles and loot! Let's give a quick shout out and thank you to our talented Art Staff who contributed their original designs! What new items do you want to collect the most?

Betta Goatling is an official staff design by r00p!

Shellmet, Fish Necklace, Sea Salt, Whale Shake, Ocean Cake by r00p

Water Book, Ribbon Fish, Pond Koi, Mudpuppy, Moon Jelly by r00p

Fiddle Fish, Fairy Fish, Cinnamocto by r00p | Starry Fish and Sea Pig by Lostysaur

Sea Pancake, Salmon, Ribbon Eel, Rainbow Fish, Parrot Fish by Lostysaur

Panda Fish, Mushroom Fish, Magma Fish, Leafy Dragon Fish, Imp Fish by Lostysaur

Ghostly Fish, Fishbot, Elekeytric Eel, Cone Fish, Clown Fish by Lostysaur

Chicken Fish, Cheer Fish, Burger Turtle, Ballet Fish, Anemonefish by Lostysaur

Space Jellyfish by sugarbear | Peppermint Shrimp and Hungry Fish by JarateKid | Cowfish and Bubble Eye Goldfish by 21kkn

Happy fishin!

Gone Fishin update - Part 01 of 02!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 2022-09-17 07:42:31

Greetings Fanlings!

The arcade game; Gone Fishin, is currently undergoing a revamp and update! All Collectable Waterlife, Battle Equips, Books, Toys, Food, Badge, and Misc items have been updated with new artwork!

Name changes include: Dead Fish changed to Zombie Fish and Shard Of Glass changed to Glass Scale.

To see all items that can be obtained though Gone Fishin, please visit the new Gone Fishin Item Archive! The new Archive is also linked on the main Gone Fishin page for quick reference.

Some members may need to hard refresh (Ctrl +F5) to see updated items, or you can see a preview of all redrawn items below. Click for a larger view.

The second part of this update includes brand new Staff designed Gone Fishin items so stay tuned!

September Sugar Star Raffle Winner!
Posted by Goat Princess
on 2022-09-14 12:00:06
The weekly Sugar Star Raffle has been drawn! Congratulations to Rozenspark who has won 788000 Sugar Stars!

Monster Masquerade Team Mascots | FINAL VOTES
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 2022-09-12 12:18:07

Poll: Vote for your favorite Monster Masquerade Team Mascots!

01 Undertaker vs Undead
02 Monsters vs Aliens
03 Order vs Chaos
04 Jester vs Royalty
05 Modern vs Classic Horror

Greetings Fanlings!

It's time to vote for your favorite Monster Masquerade Team Mascots! Members get to cast one vote, so choose wisely as votes cannot be changed. Click the image for a larger preview!

Votes will be open until September 18th. The first place pair will be our official Mascots for this years Monster Masquerade! The remaining 8 Goatlings will be featured in this years Monster Box!

Mascot Goatlings and their accompanying loot will come in their own lucky box and given out as prizes for Team members during the event. The Monster Box will be filled with Goatlings only, and can be won in the event Raffles! Baleful Boutique will stock some, if not all, Monster Box Goatling loot if applicable.

01 Undertaker vs Undead
Gloomy Graveyard by @marblellous and Ribbon Mummy by @BerryMilk

02 Monsters vs Aliens
Scare Dresser by @jug and Nightcrawler by @Snow

03 Order vs Chaos
Spirit Conductor by @ConquerorWyrm and Topsy Turvy by @silky

04 Jester vs Royalty
Wicked Candy by @_Celeste_ and Fly Lord by @RiverRacer

05 Modern vs Classic Horror
Dating Sim by @BeautyBurnsGold and Haunted Mascot by @IWasBored

Pre Monster Masquerade Schedule:
+ Enter Mascot and Monster Box designs: August 30th to September 10th
+ Final Vote on Mascots: September 11th to 18th
+ Sign Up For a Team: September 19th to 30th
+ Monster Masquerade starts: October 1st

More information about Team Sign Ups will be available once it is time to sign up.

September Lucky Number Game Winners!
Posted by Goat Princess
on 2022-09-11 12:00:10
The Lucky Number games have been drawn. You can view the winners (if any) below. If no winners were found for a jackpot, the jackpot will roll over to next week.


saintivy won the Lucky Three Numbers game with numbers 8, 5 and 7! Jackpot: 123700 Sugar Stars!

Goatling Spotlight! howmystarias!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 2022-09-10 09:28:42

Welcome to Goatling Spotlight! A mini event where we get to show off your favorite Goatlings! Each week a new Goatling will be featured in the News and the owner will receive a shiny Spotlight Trophy to display on their pets page or in their collection. This week is all about howmystarias!

Name: howmystarias
Appearance Doll: Fox Guardian AD
Guardian: @moonegalactica Give Love!
Bio: “Stop right there! I’ve finally got you, thief! Turn around… Slowly.”

Mysta is an energetic and mischievous Goatling who loves playing games with his friends! Although he is sometimes anxious about talking to people, especially people he doesn’t know, his close friends love him because he is really fun to be around when you know him well.
He is in detective science school, training to be a detective! He is very smart and has solved 14 cases so far.
His favorite animal is a fox, his favorite food is fried rice with extra soy sauce, and his favorite video game is league of legends.
At first sight he may seem unremarkable and reserved, but when you get to know him better, his true colors show.
He is really thoughtful and good at advice, he has a good sense of humor.

Favorite Treasure
Firetail Fox Plush | Box of Chocolates | Dwarven RIng

Art by @moonegalactica

CLICK HERE for more details, past spotlights, and to enter your Goatlings!

Saturday Night Bidding Wars!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 2022-09-10 09:23:07

Saturday Night Bidding Wars has begun! These Auctions will be held a once a week and feature exclusive items that are only available on auction night! The auctions start on Saturday and go on for 24 hours.

Items that will be Auctioned each week:

+ 2 exclusive Appearance Dolls (Rockabilly and Velvet Rose)
+ Exclusive Gavel Display Name Icon
+ Exclusive Auction Badge
+ One rare baddy stamp. Stamps in rotation are;
Tulip Tender Stamp, Moonlit Rogue Stamp, Lucky Stamp, Tiangou Stamp, Fire Rooster Stamp, Thoth Stamp, Masked Rival Stamp, Ethos Stamp, Luck Dragon Stamp, Queen Snake Stamp, and Apostrophe Stamp.




Rules and Guidelines
- Members may bid on multiple items and as many times as they like.
- Members may win multiple times in a row.
- Members may also snipe bids (bid as the auction is about to end).
- Members may do whatever they want with the items after they have won them. Such as sell, give away, hoard, or even pawn.
- Auctioned items will not retire.
- We understand that auctions may become intense, but please do not be frustrated or discouraged. There's always next week!
- Members who pester or disrespect others who have placed bids and/or won an auction will be permanently banned from Goat Mail and Forums.
This IS a friendly bidding war so stay tough, calm, and have fun!

Thank you!

Fall Token Game - NEW ITEMS Overview, credits, and thank yous!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 2022-09-10 09:11:11

The Token Game is a seasonal event where members trade Goat Tokens for exclusive goodies. Goat Tokens are special coins members can find around the site all year long. They are available in the Diamond Dust shop, from Battle Center Baddys, Random Events, Daily Gachapon (Arcade game), and Gone Fishin (Arcade game). Sometimes they are also given to members as prizes during events and contests.

The Token Game changes with each season (4 games for 4 seasons). Each season a new Guardian will arrive and exchange Goat Tokens for their treasure. The treasure will not retire but will only be available during the appropriate season. For example, the Fall Token game is only open in the Fall. However, MORE treasure will be added each year (new items will have a higher drop rate)! Goat Tokens can be used in every season.

Fall Token Game Schedule = September, October, November

--- --- ---

The Fall Token game is now open! Let's give a quick shout out and thank you to the talented members who contributed their designs this season! What new items do you want to collect the most?

Creepy Cook Goatling and Creepy Cook RAD Goatling by @21kkn and @Moi

Dragonfly Mage AD by @marblellous

Moon Viewing AD by @pukaparade

Zomflan BP, Impasta BP, Deviled Duo BP, Deviled Duo, and Green Creepy Cook Face by 21kkn and Moi

Orange Creepy Cook Face, Green Creepy Cook Top, Purple Creepy Cook Top, Orange Creepy Cook Hair, and Pink Creepy Cook Hair by 21kkn and Moi

Purple Creepy Cook Hair, Impasta Friend, Zomflan Hat, by 21kkn and Moi | Pumpkin Goat Plush and Cursed VHS Tape by @sugarbear

Candy Gremlin BP, Spider Web Icon, Spooky Tree Icon, Tombstone Icon, and Gloom Perfume by Sphynx

Ebil Eye Icon, Dragonfly Mage Eyes, Dragonfly Mage Hat, Dragonfly Mage Scarf, and Frightening Playset by marblellous

Mochi Bunny BP, Bunny Mask, Moon Viewing Eyes, Moon Viewing Kimono and Moon Viewing Dango by pukaparade

Silly Noodle BP by @ninapedia | Cecropia Moth Plush, Comet Moth Plush, Leopard Moth Plush, and Rosy Maple Moth Plush by @SilkySheep

Coffee Bean Bag by @Herd | Pond Orb by marblellous | Nightmare Jar, Punk Rock, and Haunted Book BP by @Likefiftychai

Thank you again everyone! Let's have a fantastic Fall!

Fall Token Game NOW OPEN!!!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 2022-09-10 09:10:46


The 5 Enter To Win Raffle winners for 50 Goat Tokens each are:


Congratulations! Find more Goat Tokens in the Diamond Dust shop, from Battle Center Baddys, Random Events, Daily Gachapon (Arcade game), and Gone Fishin (Arcade game).

Fall Token Game Coming Soon and Goat Token Raffle!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 2022-09-10 04:27:10
Greetings Fanlings!

The highly anticipated Fall Goat Token game is scheduled to open a little later today! While we are getting things set up, we will be hosting a Goat Token Raffle!

Enter for a chance to win 50 Goat Tokens! The fee is 1,000 Sugar Stars, and everyone who enters will receive one Goat Token! We will randomly select 5 lucky members to win 50 Goat Tokens! (Click the box to enter!)

The raffle will close right before the Fall Goat Token Game opens. Follow along with our schedule below!

+ Token Raffle Starts --- DONE!
+ Preparing items --- DONE!
+ Uploading items --- DONE!
+ Updating game --- DONE!
+ Token Raffle Ends --- DONE!
+ Fall Goat Token Game OPENS! --- DONE!
+ Overview, credits, and thank yous in the News --- DONE!
+ Seasonal Antique Shop Updated to Fall --- DONE!
+ Fall Goat Token Game Item Archive Updated --- DONE!

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