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July Treasure Trivia!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 2021-07-10 04:04:28
"Oh hey! Did you see that new item being stocked in the shops? I want 20! I just love collecting new items for my treasure. I keep an inventory of my collection in this book so I can make sure I don't miss one. Although, I spilled my drink on this page and now the image is smudged. Of course I can still tell what it is. If you can, I'll give you one of my duplicate items!"

Click here to play Treasure Trivia now!

Win a Wrapped Ice Cream Goat Face and 3,000 Sugar Stars! This item is now permanently stocked at Ice Cream Parlor as well!

Wrapped Ice Cream Goat Face is an original member design by @Richter so make sure to send a little extra love today!

Note: New Treasure Trivia games start at the beginning of each month. Treasure Trivia prizes do NOT retire. The prize is typically a special new Shopping District item.

2021 Justice June - Donation!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 2021-07-09 03:23:00

Greetings Fanlings!

We would like to thank everyone for their overwhelming support during this years Justice June fundraiser to help raise funds for the National Black Trans Advocacy Coalition!


Together, we have raised an incredible $3,390.00 for the BTAC - Goatlings.com has rounded that up to $3,500.00! We’re incredibly grateful to everyone who helped by donating and/or spreading the word for a good cause. We hope to continue fighting for what’s right, both online and in our communities.

This fundraiser will also return next June to help support more Black-led organizations.

For anyone looking for more ways to help, extra resources, and to learn more about this movement, a great place to start is the Black Lives Matter Carrd website:


Thank you for your time and contributions, and for another successful fundraiser!

New Moderators!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 2021-07-09 02:48:52
Greetings Fanlings!

We are happy to announce that the Discord and Live Chat mod applications have been fully processed, and the new Moderators have been chosen! Everyone extend a warm welcome and congratulations to:

@Chow @Herd @Hotarubi @keifujimi and @Puff !!!

Additionally, @BeautyBurnsGold is now available as an on-site moderator in addition to Discord moderator!

Thank you and WELCOME to the new mods!

2021 Justice June closing soon!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 2021-07-08 02:24:17

Greetings Fanlings!

Today is the final day of this years Justice June charity fundraiser! We would like to thank everyone for their overwhelming support!

Tomorrow, 100% of all donations will be sent to the National Black Trans Advocacy Coalition.

For more info and to donate, head over to Community Center Fundraisers!

Thank you!

July Sugar Star Raffle Winner!
Posted by Goat Princess
on 2021-07-07 12:00:08
The weekly Sugar Star Raffle has been drawn! Congratulations to moonrat who has won 795500 Sugar Stars!

July Lucky Number Game Winners!
Posted by Goat Princess
on 2021-07-04 12:00:12
The Lucky Number games have been drawn. You can view the winners (if any) below. If no winners were found for a jackpot, the jackpot will roll over to next week.


PoisonFrog won the Lucky Three Numbers game with numbers 5, 8 and 6! Jackpot: 75000 Sugar Stars!

Hiodollz won the Lucky Four Numbers game with numbers 7, 7, 1 and 9! Jackpot: 165000 Sugar Stars!

goating won the Lucky Four Numbers game with numbers 7, 7, 1 and 9! Jackpot: 165000 Sugar Stars!

July - Design-A-Goatling Contest - ENTRIES OPEN!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 2021-07-03 09:49:55

Enter your Goatling designs for a chance to get them permanently added to the Appearance Doll Shop! This year's theme is Your Choice! Meaning your Goatling design can be any theme you choose! Entries will be accepted until July 23rd.

CLICK HERE for more details and to enter your design!

+ First Place - Free AD of their design and a Adoption Ticket
+ Runner Up - 30 Goat Tokens
+ Honorable Mention - 20 Goat Tokens
+ All participants will receive a special gift inspired by the winning entry
+ First Place designs will be permanently added to the Appearance Doll Shop!

Have fun designing your own unique Goatling!

June Studio Blu Winners!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 2021-07-03 09:41:25

Welcome to Studio Blu!
A monthly prompt event based in the official Goatlings.com Discord server!

How it works!
At the beginning of each month, a Discord moderator will post an inspirational theme. Members wishing to participate can draw or write a short story or poem about a Goatling using the theme as a guide!

At the end of the month, two entries will be randomly selected to be featured on the site News and the members will receive a special in-game trophy!

The Studio Blu prompt for June was: Summer Camp! And the winners are:

@durians (Give Love!)
Artist's note: "acorn scout has s'mores at the campfire"

and @dotd (Give Love!)

dismissed for the night

“done checking cabins, now we’re off!” carnelians shut the door to the last of the lodges before turning to beach and heading toward the campfire. “finally, our shifts are over.” they dramatically stretched out their wings, leaning one around beach. “got any plans for tonight, bw?”

“not right now, so maybe we can get a proper rest for once?” beach replied teasingly.

“rest? we don’t sleep, don’t be silly!” they bapped him playfully. “i actually have something in store for us if there’s nothing else to do. something so, so much better than sleep!” they gleefully bounded in front of beach to guide ahead. “come, let me show you!” drawing their wings out, they fled off past the campfire and into the forest.

“hun, where are you-” beach sighed lightly as their partner grew out of earshot. “i suppose i’ll follow.” he leaped off the ground and flew toward them. it wasn’t long before he caught up, just close enough to talk. “carni, dear, where are we headed?” curious to know. looking beyond gave no closure to their destination.

carni smiled and mused “you’ll see in a second.~”

“i can’t tell where you’re taking us”

“oh, somewhere lovely is all.” they landed slowly, prancing a few steps more to stop at a thicket. “lookie! it’s here!”

‘here’ was an overgrowth of bushes and branches structured as an entrance. though unkempt, it was charming and inviting. beach stumbled down and inspected the wood. “this is indeed interesting, but who made it?” they turned to their partner for answers.

“It was made by former counselors, isn’t that fun?”

“counselors made this? that’s peculiar” he chuckled. “any reason to it?”

“well we need some time to lounge too, don’t we?” carnelians delightedly pushed through the bushes and urged beach to follow suit. “it’s a small getaway to destress and hang out when we’re not supervising- or racing through the woods to find it.” they yawned before continuing, “maybe we can rest up at least for a while, how about it?”

Congratulations and thank you everyone for participating!
CLICK HERE for more information about our Official Discord Server and learn how to join!

August Battle Center Submissions are OPEN
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 2021-07-03 09:32:36

Greetings Battlings!

Members can now enter their August/Summer/Phoenix Fox & Minions themed designs for next months limited edition Battle Center Loot!

CLICK HERE to enter and vote for your favs!

1 Goatling design and 3-5 items will be chosen to add to next months Baddy Loot. Like typical Battle Center loot, these will only be available for one month, then retire forever!

Thank you everyone and happy battling!

Goatling Spotlight! g4meb0y!
Posted by Krisgoat mod
on 2021-07-03 08:36:41

Welcome to Goatling Spotlight! A mini event where we get to show off your favorite Goatlings! Each week a new Goatling will be featured in the News and the owner will receive a shiny Spotlight Trophy to display on their pets page or in their collection. This week is all about g4meb0y!

Name: g4meb0y
Appearance Doll: Flanling RAD
Guardian: @clownfrogz Give Love!
Bio: g4meb0y, or game for short is a hyperactive goat that tries her best to be friends with everyone. they love to bake and encourages others to bake with her as well. she also loves her balloon dog, and will throw it at others for playful fun.

Favorite Treasure
Balloon Dog BP | Cookie Cutters | Disposable Camera

Art by @clownfrogz

CLICK HERE for more details, past spotlights, and to enter your Goatlings!

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